Any fans of Eastern music here?

If you’re a lover of the Beatles, Incredible String Band, et al, then you know how beautiful the sitar sounds :wink:

I like Iranian and middle eastern music a lot, particularly the folk music. Little different from Indian music, but some similar instruments. If you can find any old music by Pari Zanganeh, give it a listen. She was wonderful.

I enjoy Arabic music, the influence of many Egyptian friends :slight_smile:

Me too. If you like jazz, I think it was Al Di Meola who did some great Middle-Eastern-influenced stuff back in the 80’s or early 90’s.

I love Greek and Turkish traditional music, sometimes the boundaries between the two are indistinguishable, but music from some parts of Greece is very unique.

Edit: Didn’t see this was started because of Sitar, Indian music is a lot different than more middle eastern sounding styles, it can be cool though.

Sorry about that. I got off the original subject. Mea culpa.

I love Japanese and Chinese music. One of my favorite musicians is Keiko Matsui, she blends western and eastern sounds in her music. Very good and relaxing.

I love it! Ravi Shankar is, of course, the all time great of sitarists.

My favorite musician of all time, John McLaughlin (who studied with Shankar), had a group in the 70’s called Shakti which played Indian music with a Western twist. He even has his guitar rigged with extra “resonating strings” to give it a more sitar-like sound. Check it out:

Shakti - “Joy” (it kicks off at about 0:40)

Now, have you ever heard of an instrument called the santur? McLaughlin revived the group in the late 90’s and brought in some new musicians. This tune is pretty relaxed, and the santur sounds downright magical! If you only watch one of these videos, make it this one. It makes me think of an Arabian desert at night. Hear it for yourself:

Remember Shakti - Shringar

Of course, he’s best known for his Mahavishnu Orchestra, which was also heavily Indian influenced; not sure if you’re familiar with them. If not, here’s an introductory course. Prepare to have your mind blown:

Mahavishnu Orchestra ABC Special Watch at least the first 3 minutes. :wink:

McLaughlin is, for my money, the greatest guitarist of all time.

So besides my fanboy obsession with John McLaughlin, I’ve also gotten pretty into Eastern electronic/downtempo music. There’s a guy named Bahramji who plays an instrument called a santoor (not the same as the santur) whose work I particularly like.
The Bombay Dub Orchestra is pretty awesome, too.

The Santur (or santoor) is basically a hammered dulcimer with slightly different tuning. Great instruments. Had a hammered dulcimer but we just never “bonded” very well. Love the music, though.

Hmmm…oops. I guess it depends on what you call Eastern…Ancient Near East & Middle East, the Orient…then the Far East, which from here in California is the Far West.:slight_smile:

Unless you take the scenic route…then from California it’s the REALLY far east…:smiley:


Yes! My favorite Beatles song is Within You, Without You. I love the sitar in that song. So relaxing and peaceful.

The guitarist Jimmy Herring does a pretty awesome instrumental version of that song.

Thank you for sharing!

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