Any fans of "Sherlock" here?

I’ve only recently seen the new Sherlock Holmes series. (This is the BBC, Holmes in modern day London series). I LOVE it!! I was a bit suspicious at first becaue I’m a fan of the stories and traditional TV adaptations, so the idea seemed almost silly. But it works, something like a combination of CSI and Numbers.

Any fans here? :slight_smile:


Only seen the first season though.

What I’d really like to see is an “update” of my favourite detective: Nero Wolfe.

I love that show! Stumbled across it on Netflix and decided to give it a try. I was also skeptical at first, thinking it sounded corny- Sherlock Holmes in the modern world. Was very pleasantly surpised. Will be watching the next season if it ever comes out on Netflix.

Count me in. I too was a bit nervous about an adaptation, but I loved it. For the US people, the second season will be on PBS in May!


I’ve been a Holmes fan since I was a young girl. I read the canon at least once a year.

I loved the Jeremy Brett Holmes shows, and watch them at least once a year.

So yes, I too was extremely suspicious of the Sherlock series. My husband had to force me to sit down and watch it.

But I watched it and absolutely love it. It’s very reverent of the canon. So many little details were lovingly included–obviously people who really know and love Holmes and Watson created this wonderful series.

Can’t wait for the next season!

Yes, I love how they incorporated so many details from the original stories. I love the episode titles. And the actors are really good, their characters have a credible relationship and a great dynamic.

Season 2 is brilliant. The 3rd episode is pretty intense, but I’m not giving anything away :smiley:

I am not a fan of London, to put it mildly, but I love how they filmed it. It looks really nice, I’m tempted to go back and visit soon.

Loved “Sherlock”! I didn’t think I would, but gave it a chance. The second season doesn’t start in my area until May, so I’m looking forward to it. I also really like Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve seen him in a few BBC movies, so I was familiar with his acting. I also like Martin Freeman who I first saw in the British version of “The Office” and “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. He’s in the new “Hobbit” movie which I’m looking forward to seeing. (Cumberbatch is also in it, but only as a voice.)

And what a lovely voice he has :smiley:

Very true. :smiley: It’s so deep and rich.

Love it! Benedict Cumberbatch is very good as is Martin Freeman. It’s also good to see Una Stubbs (Mrs Hudson the landlady/housekeeper) - she is most famous for being Alf Garnett’s daughter in “Til death us do part” in the late 60s early 70s.

Any fans of Doctor Who may like to know there is a strong possibility Benedict Cumberatch will be playing the Master in the upcoming 50th anniversary year for Doctor Who.

Benedict Cumberbatch will also be the villain in the upcoming sequel to Star Trek.

They should do a Star Trek/Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover - that might prove entertaing, but I can imagine numerous fanboys dieing of a pleasure centre overload. Jack the Ripper could connect all three as he’s featured in each universe in some capacity, but that’s predictable.

Interesting idea. But I just don’t get Dr.Who. I’ve watched a few episodes but I can’t understand the appeal.

I bet Holmes would solve the Ripper case in some outrageous way. :smiley:

Did you by any chance watch the first Whitechapel story about the Ripper copycat? I though that was excellent.

My older kids and I are big fans. Naturally, my teenager is wanting Cumberbatch as the new Doctor on “Dr. Who.”

(I vote for Colin Salmon myself!) :slight_smile:

Cumberbatch has said in an interview that he would turn down the role if it was offered to him.

He will also be on movie screens this summer in the National Theatre production of Frankenstein:

Love the show. Was skeptical aft first because it sounded corny, but oh boy…bravo! Such a great show. Looking forward to fresh episodes.

was this series on BBC America? i guess i must have missed it if it was. i am happy to hear that it will be on PBS this May. I will look for it. i am sort of a fan of Sherlock Holmes and i love British mysteries so i would like to watch one of the episodes anyway.
i would be interested to see how the series is produced in modern day times. thanks for the tip.

It’s really good. For those of us who have read and re-read and assimilated the canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Sherlock series is marvelous because of all the little details that it incorporates from the canon, without being “in your face” about it.

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