Any fans of the "ODD COUPLE" Movie and TV series here?

Let’s talk about Felix and Oscar. Who was your favorite character? What are your favorite scenes?:thumbsup:

I love both of them. It’s on at 4:30 a.m. Saturday mornings in NY. Last week was the episode when oscar’s mother came to visit and didn’t know he was divorced from Blanche. And she didn’t know about Gloria and Felix. It was so funny when Murray came over and said “oh boy, a reunion, Blanche, Gloria…” so funny and oscar’s mother finally had to find out. And the way Felix explained it to her was so funny.

I also love the one when oscar went to the spa with felix and he would sneak food into the bedroom and felix would rat on him.

And who could forget Rob Reiner as “Sheld’n” and Penny Marshall as Myrna.

I thought Walter matthau and jack lemmon was good, but nobody beats Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. True genuises.


With no disrespect intended to either of the Jacks, the Odd Couple dream team would have Walter Matthau and Tony Randall.

How about the role reversal episode where felix acts like Oscar, and Oscar like Felix on suggestion of their therapist. HILARIOUS!!!:smiley:

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