Any fellow Catholics into Anime?

I am wondering if any fellow Catholic people are into any Anime?
I have pretty much become hooked on some. :slight_smile: Mostly clean ones like Shugo Chara and K-on.

I have a question, what do you guys think about Trinity Blood? It’s basically a post apocolyptic time where the Vatican is shielding humanity and protecting them from vampire like beings.

Me! Me! Pick me! I LOVE anime and my favorite anime right now is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. To call it a amsterpeice is an udnerstatement. Highly, highly recommended as it truly is one of the greatest works of fiction ever made. Can’t talk about Trinity Blood as I haven’t seen it. I have a thread on anime here:

I’m not particularly enthused by anime more than any other style, but I am a fan of Dragon Ball Z Kai.

I rather enjoyed Trinity Blood. It’s more about politics than action, it has a very interesting setting, and I like the main character, he’s very sympathetic. I think those things appealed the most to me. Other anime I really like are Trigun, Noir, Utawarerumono, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, and Samurai Champloo.

Haven’t seen it.

Love Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, DBZ.

God’s peace. I LOVE anime! I tend to like darker series than many posters have listed, although I like these lighter ones, too (Bubblegum Crisis is one of my all-time favorites!). I especially like Elfen Lied, Record of Lodoss War, Solty Rei, Blue Submarine 6, Vampire Princess Miu, Witch Hunter Robin, the many Galaxy Express and Captain Harlock stories, and Requiem from the Darkness. Japanese storytellers often bring new ideas to us in the West that I find very refreshing.

I used to be heavily into it. I’m only keeping track of one series which is Hetalia but I lean towards the webcomic series than the actual anime itself. I’m surprised to see Witchhunter Robin mentioned here since it’s been awhile since I’ve last seen it. I haven’t seen Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood although I’ve seen the first anime adaption and despite some of its flaw, I enjoyed it immensely. Some series that comes to my mind are Hikaru no Go, Rurouni Kenshin, .hack//sign and Wolf’s Rain.

I feel kinda old knowing that these titles aren’t exactly new. Like Br. Carlo, I tend to like darker series as well.

I can’t speak much about Trinity Blood but I remember the theme music being very beautiful.

My favorite show is Neon Genesis Evangelion; get me started on all of the Christian symbolism in it, and I’ll be crowing until midnight.

Also, I groom my hair and facial hair, and picked glasses frames to look like Gendo.

Love H no G too— never would have believed a cartoon about a board game could be so riveting.

Grew up on Speed Racer and loved Macross. although the hack job that was given to the US as Robotech was horrible, I still watched it and loved it.

Trinity Blood is a good series, just have to ignore their perception of what is the Catholic Church. Their depiction is quite flawed.

Weiss Kreuz is another great, albiet older, series. My wife got me into that one.

Gunslinger Girl is another series I’ve enjoyed.

Started watching Black Blood Brothers, interesting, haven’t finished it though. got through 3 episodes.

Bubble Gum Crisis, Guyver, Appleseed, You’re Under Arrest, Hellsing are some that I’ve enjoyed.

I’m into anime, but not as much as the hubby. We joke that he has the Funimation Channel and I have Encore Westerns on cable. :wink:

Grew up on Miyazaki movies and have read some manga. All of our kids are into it. :slight_smile:

K-ON! is my favorite anime :slight_smile:

Trinity Blood is alright in terms of action, but the Catholicism there is used pretty much just for the cool looking imagery. If I remember correctly, basically you have the Vatican trying to come to a truce with a nation of vampires, while a terrorist organization called the Rozen Kreuz is trying to undermine it.

I used to love watching anime — I do so less now, because I either watch familiar ones, or I watch on recommendation.

To this day I have watched Hoshi no Kaabii (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!), Sonic X, part of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Christo, part of Dragon Ball and part of Dragon Ball Z, part of The Law of Ueki, part of Honey and Clover, part of K-On!, and only a few episodes of Maria Watches Over Us.

Oh, and all of Season 1 and Season 2 and part of Season 3 of the Pokémon anime.

Now I am very careful of what I see, so if anyone wants to recommend anime to me, I’ve gotta be sure it isn’t sacrilegious in any way, shape or form.

I used to be into anime a lot more than I am now… I think part of it is the new stuff is so commercial and balkanized these days,ma nd it turns me off. (And yes, I know that most of the greats of yore were made to promote either a concurrently-running manga or to sell toys, but now they seem to be made by committee deliberately to hit some niche market, whether that be shonen, seinen, moe, whatever…)

My own personal favorite (and one of the few I still watch on a regular basis) is the original SDF Macross – in fact I just went and bled my wallet dry Saturday to get the new Blu-Ray release of Macross: DYRL at a local Japanese video store here in Torrance.

The otherone I really need to get back into is Rurouni Kenshin. Used to love that show in college.

I don’t watch too much Anime, but my personal favorites are Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin, and though I know you will check anyway, I can assure you both of these are safe to my knowledge.

The first two seasons are safe. (Kenshin himself is a rare character in samurai anime altogeter – he does not kill, except in extreme circumstances.) I never did see the third season, but it has to do with the Shimabara Rebellions and the Kakure Kirishitan (In the aftermath of Sekigahara, the Tokugawa Shogunate started to destroy anything viewed as a foreign influence, and this included the Catholic Church in Japan and various Protestant denominations. This culminated in an armed rebellion by mostly Catholics in the Shimabara region, one that was suppressed brutally, driving the remaining Japanese Christians into hiding), and so the treatment may or may not be nuanced and respectful, depending on the writer’s knowledge of the period. Especially since one of the big bads claims to be the reincarnation of Amakusa Shirou, the leader of the rebellion.

A better reson for concern is that the season was not based on Watsuki’s manga (he HAS, on numerous occasions shown his work) coming at a time when the show had runahead of the manga publishing schedule, and the season is not well-regarded.

I’m a 28 M raised Catholic and I’m very into anime. I agree, you have to be very careful about what shows you choose to watch.

Some good tools to research and find shows that would interest you are

Several of those sites will give you ratings which you can take at face value.

My total time is

128 tv series, 28 ova series (basically mini series) , 33 Movies, 2,579 Total Episodes, Estimated Days: 44

There have been PLENTY of series I have had to abandon after under 60 seconds of the first episode.

Originally Posted by ATeutonicKnight
I don’t watch too much Anime, but my personal favorites are Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin, and though I know you will check anyway, I can assure you both of these are safe to my knowledge.

Rurouni Kenshin is personally in my top 10 list. The tv series ran for 90+ episodes that spanned over 6 different story arc’s from the original manga novel. There were a handful of episodes (around 15-20) that contained questionable content centered around action etc. Compared to US tv shows today I don’t feel this series even comes close to crossing the morality borders that US shows have begun crossing in the past 10+ years. The main thing that drew me to this show was the central theme of the main character realizing the errors surrounding his position he chose to take in a war and the complete life changes he makes and carries out.

I’m currently watching

Psycho-Pass - (My main interest is centered on how we need to learn to prevent our society from becoming too dependent on increasing technology to control our lives as well as surrendering certain aspects of our free will to artificial intelligence that is portrayed as being an all knowing, unwavering source of rules to follow to achieve happiness for society as a whole.)

**Kingdom **- Somewhat accurate portrayal of historical events during the Chinese provinces around the time of the Qin Dynasty’s downfall… Before China became united to the extent that they are today.

**No.6 **- Another series that has many psychological interests that interests me. Purely based on the fact of how certain individuals in power believe they can provide an utopia for select individuals while suppressing the rights of those that they choose at random based on their refusal to blindly follow dictator’s beliefs.

**Jormungand_ Perfect Order **- Another personal study of how individuals can rationalize dealing in arms trade as well as choosing to perform somewhat acts of selflessness believing an act of kindness can absolve them of their sins when those individuals have no inclination of taking responsibility for their immoral actions including the chance of ever repenting for those sins.

Sword Art Online - A reminder to myself of how society is chosing to escape reality by immersing themselves in a virtual world (currently known as MMORPGS; aka World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy online, Everquest, Eve Online, etc.) These games require massive amounts of time to progress to any point in the game where gameplay becomes enjoyable.

**Bleach **- (A finished tv series) - Which is a good reminder that true evil does exist in the world and if you aren’t vigilant you can very easily succumb to the temptations which the mainstream media today portrays as “the human dream / way to happiness” The series mainly displays this as the search for obtaining psychical powers. In today’s world it is money, high levels of management in companies through any means of obtaining those positions.


Another over the top series that is a shocking reminder that true evil does exist in the world. Off the top of my head there are around 25 episodes to this series and there were around 3+ that were too graphic for any person of upstanding morals to watch.

Well that is my post to the forums!

I suffered a TBI back in 1999. Please excuse any errors or mistakes in trying to express my interests in any subjects mentioned above. Reading & Writing have been a struggle to recover.

Feel free to ask me any questions about anything. I’m an open book.

There are many more I’m currently watching however I doubt anyone is interested in reading a novel. = )

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