Any fighting game experts here?

I’m sorry if this kinda sounds like something better asked in another website but I have too many internet accounts as it is. >_<;;

Is there anybody here who’s good at fighting games? I’m looking to play BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II on my PSP. Frankly in such games, I just… suck! :crying:

Anybody here got tips for a newbie? :o

Last fighting game I played (on a friend’s x-box I think), I just took the side of my palm and rubbed it up and down over the buttons on the controller.

You can win surprisingly often that way. But no, I have no idea how to actually play those games, I just sit there amused as my character randomly pulls off awesome moves.

I’m not an expert on this particular game, but I’m a big fan of “mashing buttons until my character does something cool”. :smiley:

Sometimes I’ll back off and experiment with the controls a bit: “Okay, which one is jump? Which one is punch and/or kick?” There will probably be a guide on GameFAQs that lists combos/moves if you’re REALLY stuck, but it’s more fun for me if I just figure them out on my own.

:thumbsup: Last one I played was Mortal Combat, and my friend who played the game often got so mad at my “button mashing” that I had to quit because I was laughing too hard…

I’ve been trying a similar trick myself and it works for most of the moves on the command list but not on ones I feel like I really need to master.

Seriously, I had an easier type learning how to play these games with a keyboard! >.<;;

Last fighting game I bought was Mortal Kombat 9, which was good fun for a couple of weeks playing with friends. The combos and specials tend to be pretty easy to pull off with practice. Cyber Sub-Zero!

…and I’m sorry but…

[quote=cemiller]Last one I played was Mortal Combat, and my friend who played the game often got so mad at my “button mashing” that I had to quit because I was laughing too hard…



Did that game have any move needing you to make a full 360 on the D-pad cuz, good Lord, I can never get my thumb to do that (even WITH the so-called “Direction Assistance” setting). >_<;;;

That sounds similar to some of the Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 move-lists. I believe you just hold down block while doing the ‘thumb acrobatics’ then let go just before you press one of the attack buttons. Should work for the same for BlazBlue.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is one I tried as I was a big fan of it’s predecessor. However I didn’t like no 3 in the series much and so swapped it back for other items. I have Tekken 6 on the go at the minute for the mindless brutality moments, quite fun but to unlock everything in it would take an insane ammount of time. I have Soulcalibur IV as well due to someone leaving it in the PS3 I have which was not new when bought. I still think none of these match up to the joy of SFII Turbo on my old SNES some years back. But I’m more jaded nowadays and I came to that SNES from a Spectrum computer ( a machine I expect US forum users won’t know) which could only do 8 colours with a lot of colour clash.

Ugh. I just got back from playing with two guys down at the local gaming joint. It’s official: I SUCK! DX Clearly, I need more, way more hours of practice to be even on par and considered average. TwT

Ah well… waiting for PSP to charge…

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually I believe BlazBlue Continuum Shift is available for the PS3 and you can get the same extra characters via DLC content. Theoretically, you might be able to try the same game I’m playing if you’re interested. :shrug:

Blazblue is on the Xbox live service too I note having a flick through it. I am now finally, finally released for some days of and so intend to be completely decadent and play games for one day of the four I am off after many, many days of non-stop 12 hour shifts week in, week out.

I will probably be looking at playing the final DLC for Fallout:New Vegas which I downloaded but haven’t played yet. Although I’ll first have to finish the DLC area I’m in with my previous save game due to the way that game doesn’t allow you to leave it’s first three DLC areas and return to the main game world till you finish the plot in each DLC.

Blazblue is designed to break you. I have it for Xbox 360. Breased through arcade mode with Jin (only lost once) get to the final battle agaisnt Ragna. “I have full charge guage, and drain your hp with every hit. Oh and I do a tonne of damage with each hit” I sat there for literally 50 matches and lost everyone. Same with Ragna in story mode. fight Hazama “No special abilities for you, and i drain yoru health in a certain range”, took me 30 matches to win, nearly won on match 15, he had a sliver of health “YES IM GONNA WI-” Astral Finish KO! YOU LOSE! :mad:

Well, at least I’m not the only one who has it rough. TwT I’m with you on Unlimited Hazama. It’s bad enough that I use Carl (who, to my dismay, IS the hardest-2-control character) without that green-haired, serpentine troll’s STUPID CIRCLE THINGIE!!! DX I’m supposed to sandwich that thing!? ToT

Still, if you think Hazama’s a pain, try taking on Unlimited Mu-12. I mean seriously, just when I finally beat Hazama with Valkenhayn, she comes up next and I get lazer-beamed to death. UGH!!! DX

Carl! AAAAAAAAGRH! I swear he is the game going “oh so you think your doing good huh, well try using HIM!”

Ugh, there are only three characters I can fight with well. Jin, Taokaka and Arakune

My main experience is from 3D fighters like Tekken, but actual knowledge of martial arts actually does transfer, at least in terms of things like timing and spacing and (in the 3d ones) sidestepping.

Yeah, I know, not really helpful.

I’m not even an expert. Still, I suppose that’s one tiny thing I can hold up over my peers. I actually bother learning how to use him. :o One of them actually admitted that using him was downright impossible.

Well, not for the game maybe but your bit of info may have helped me in another way. Thanks for this! :thumbsup:

I was a huge fan of the original Motal Kombat, I liked Street Fighter as well. My favorite character from Kombat was Raiden, who shot lightening bolts.

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