Any former new agers or neopagans?

Hey I was interested in hearing the stories of any of you who were formerly new agers or in pagan worship? What lead you to the catholic church. What was your testimony? Did any of you try to evangelize your former co-religionists? Please tell I am interested to hear!

Okay since no one has responded maybe I will broaden my criteria. Do any of you know any testimony of a person that I just listed? If you are such a person then what church did you go to? Okay not necessarily catholic-maybe orthodox, lutheran, or whatever?

Okay so no give? Surely someone has left this? Is anyone interested in this?

I didnt practice new age but I did get into studying buddhism for the last couple of years.

I am a craddle catholic, but I wanted to look at another religion .

In the end I decided the catholic church has a rich history, and I will become very familiar

with the church fathers.

I was also interested in meditation in general for relaxation, but I think I will look into catholic centering prayer, and lectio divina.

I’m currently writing a series of blogs about the appeal of Eastern religions to Christians. My latest is actually very much about lectio, Pearls of Wisdom, Who Needs Buddha 2?

Lectio Divina a contemplative reading of Scripture. There is a certain amount of confusion when considering this subject because although the word meditation is used frequently in Catholic discourse in this area it traditionally means a different thing from that ascribed to it by the East. Here it has referred to thinking deeply there it has referred to an emptying of the mind. Lectio is a method which is open to being used in either way or in both. Meditation, meaning thought, can lead to Contemplation which means reflecting in the sense that a mirror or still waters reflects

hey Rock7,
Sorry its been a while since this was posted, but I only just saw it. I was almost sucked into the New age. Long story short, with all the stories on babas and gurus I just didn’t see how Jesus fit into all this. I wasn’t ready to let go of my Catholic faith and started searching for many questions my New age relatives put forth. Am glad I did.
My relatives are still into the new age. Very heavily. If you like will discuss it privately and give you more details on how its effected our lives. I was going to post a similar question looking for ex new agers who have come back to the Catholic faith.
Unfortunately all those new agers I know haven’t yet broken out of their darkness. Very interested in purchasing Sharon Lee Gigantis book. But still out stock.:frowning:


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