Any former Sedevacantists on this forum? (post specifically for former Sedevacantists)

How can you honestly say it’s the same?


Obviously it’s not identical in every detail (but it certainly wasn’t that from Pentecost to the 1950s, either). But it is still the Church, the only one we have.

As another poster has said, at this point, accepting sedevacantism means not just that we are temporarily without a Pope, but that we have no living person with valid Holy Orders and therefore no one who can confer Holy Orders or consecrate the Eucharist. That is the end of the visible Church with its classic four marks. You may recall that we take Our Lord at His word that that cannot happen.


This is not true. There are many bishops with vaild holy orders. Off the top of my head any bishop consecrated by Archbishop Thuc and Archbishop Lefebvre would be valid and have the power to confer Holy Orders. I’m sure there are others, but those are the two I can think of off the top of my head. According to Sedevacantists, the church doesn’t have a visible head at the moment. It’s in the exact same state as it was when Pope Pius XII died in 1958. Just as bishops have been consecrated in the past when there was no pope, that is what is happening now.

If there were no living person with valid holy orders then that would make Jesus a liar.

I think that’s his point. He is talking against sedevacantism.

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Sure, and if you believe they have extraordinary jurisdiction, then that’s all fine and dandy. But that doesn’t change that the Catholic Church is still the visible thing in the world that people call “the Catholic Church” with Pope Francis and the Novus Ordo and all. The SSPX and lines with questionable lineage, while part of the visible Church do not in my mind fulfill what Christ promised the Church would be.


How did the CMRI react when the priest decided to come into communion with the Church? I can only imagine that their reaction was not a good one…

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It caused a huge scandal to the entire community. He was demonized in gossip and unfounded rumors.

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