Any French-speaking CAF members?


Est-qu’il y a des memebres de CAF qui parlent français? Also, are there any CAF members who speak any other language in addition to English?


I know enough French to get by. Je sais me débrouiller en français. Why do you ask?


I’m just curious. No particular reaso .


I speak one language and that’s American :us:


I learned how to cuss from a French Sister. Does that count? LOL! I didn’t really know what I was saying at the time but she thought it was hilarious! Are there ‘evil’ Sisters in this world/ Yes!


Maybe you thought you were cussing… But you were saying something else :smirk:


Was this sister Québecois, or was she from France?


LOL. Pretty sure as someone else clued me in. Still, know those these words, but don’t use them. Not guilty of grave sin 'case I didn’t know!


From France. Thye have an odd sense of humor.


Yeah. And bad music.


Well, their liturgical music is good and she had a good voice. However, the French look down on Americans and think we have no culture-cultural history. They have forgotten who pulled their bacon out of the frying pan and left so many behind in their Fields of Poppies.


Oui, un peu. :slightly_smiling_face:

I studied French all of the way through high school. I was pretty fluent in it, at one time.

I studied it again when I went to a university after high school, but it was more as a grammar review for me, as my last year of French in high school was more of a year of literature and not so much of grammar, which I personally felt that I needed.

I was thinking that I wanted to be a Foreign Language Translator at one point, even though I knew that it was a very highly competitive field from a young age.

I took Spanish in elementary school and then I also studied some German and Russian while at the university. I was also at the conversational level in those languages as well.

My family history on my Mom’s side of the family is German. Her family would speak German at home, so they wanted my sister and I to learn it either while in high school or in college, if we were going to go on to college. I opted to study it in college.

I personally felt that it was a difficult language to learn for me at the time, so I just took the one semester of it then. It probably didn’t help that I took it in Summer school, when I probably should have taken it in a regular semester, instead of trying to fit it into a short Summer schedule.

I’ll speak some basic conversational German with my husband at times to keep up with it because he understands it, coming from a Yiddish-speaking family. My family would also speak some Yiddish too, so my husband and I will also use Yiddish in our vocabulary, as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s all pretty cool. Thanks for the input.


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that it’s a fun thread! :grinning:


I do like languages quite a lot.


I can speak the Seven Languages of Money.


#metoo. I went to Israel one summer, many years ago, to do an intensive beginner’s course in Hebrew. It was an enjoyable vacation!


I would love to learn Hebrew! As well as many other languages.


Un petit peu.
I was pretty fluent at one time.


The world was moving forward at one time :fr:

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