Any girls who love scifi / fantasy out there?


I started with Star Trek & read LOTR in the 70s. My dad is also a sci-fi/fantasy fan. My favorites:
Lord of the Rings/books & movies
Wheel of Time/Robert Jordan
Anne McCaffrey/
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Raymond Feist
Star Wars/movies & books
Dune /books including prequels & sequels/movie & mini-series
Harry Potter/books & Movies
Star Trek/movies & series
Legend of the Seeker - have not read the Sword of Truth books yet

I have also read Heinlein & Asimov

I got a few books into the Dresden novels. Really enjoyed them. I read the first one in one night!

I find it extremely difficult to cook dinner, do dishes, or get to sleep when I’m reading Jim Butcher’s works.:smiley: It’s a good thing I live alone (well, except for a large gray tom cat).

Some. I grew up reading sf/fantasy, and I would have said to you a few years ago that I think it saved my life.

I still like LOTR, HP, certain anime series, Ben 10 and its iterations, SpiderMan, a few more. You can’t really call Dean Koontz either sci-fi or fantasy though his books do have elements of both.

I used to like a lot more of it than I do now. Becoming Catholic spoiled almost everything.

Why is that?

I’m now looking at a lot of what I used to read/watch through a Catholic lens and going, ‘Hmm, maybe not for me any more.’

I wish I could give you very specific examples at the moment but… this is the best my poor brain can dredge up. For instance, a lot of anime and HP doesn’t bother me a bit, but some of ST: TNG just has me shaking my head now.

Ah! I get ya. :slight_smile:

as a kid i was a total treckie

i also loved star wars…though there werent as many female leads (or females at all) to “play”

Tamora Pierce does some great stuff…and Jewles Verne is classic.
I would consider some Dean Koonts sci-fi especally Odd Thomas.

I know what you mean about knowlege spoiling things…I liked Marion Zimmer Bradly until I found out that she was a child molester.

Right now I’m very into Rick Riordan and his myth-fantacy. His adult books are great and his tween/ya books are a hoot.

LOL. I loved Tamera Pierce growing up. Of course now I am a bit disgusted at her overt extreme feminism that she pushes in her books. But I still love going back and reading my childhood favorites. Such imagination, such heroism. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe because of what I now recognize in her writing I haven’t really gotten into her newer ones as much.

I also loved 80 days around the world by Jules Verne.

If you like Tamera Pierce, may I suggest the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. And The Belgarion series by David Eddings. The ranger’s apprentice has a boy as the main protagonist but the story is wonderful, if young in the first few books. And Eddings books are more of an ensemble cast, but the main hero is a boy also, but still wonderful bools :thumbsup:

Count me in:)
I can’t say I really care for many of the tv shows mentioned. I’m more of a fantasy fan than a sci fi one. I love Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Lost.
I do admit that I love vampires. I’ve been into vampire series ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on (hands down, best vampire series ever!). Twilight almost made me hate everything to do with vampires, but Vampire Diaries and True Blood (or the book series that True Blood is based on) saved me from that, lol.

i loved red dwarf and firefly, but i really hated how they tried to make prostitution seem so intelligent in firefly. i was also highly annoyed that inara looked so dang young. that is a HUGE strike against the show, but the rest of it was fantastic.

Another example is that I never liked Star Wars all that much, but could not put a finger on why. Only after my conversion did I tumble to the fact that (even back then!) their pagan ideaology troubled me: ‘May ‘the force’ be with you…?’

‘The Force’ being what? A Force Is not sentient. It’s like saying, ‘May the rocks be with you.’

ha! a complete pet peeve of mine is when people call God the universe. when they say the universe is telling them something, i always ask them just what uranus has to say! :smiley:

sorry. very, sorry. :blush:

While some consider Star Wars to be a rip-off of Dune, I liked it.

My story about “The Force”: ten years ago, my daughter was in a confirmation class. I had to drive her one Saturday, nearly 50 miles, so her class could have a field trip with a class in another town. When I picked my 16 year old up later, she was outraged. It seems that they had spent their time watching the original Star Wars movie, and the teachers were claiming the Holy Spirit was just like The Force!!! :mad:She was so upset (and I was more so) that she dropped out of the confirmation class, and waited until she was 19 and at a different parish.

Can you imagine???!!!:mad:

As the duly elected Queen of Titan and the Outer Planets, let me tell you that Uranus is quite well represented on the Council. They make wonderful desserts, too.:stuck_out_tongue:

The famous (and tasty) Uranian Nuclear Reactor Dessert.

No allergies! No Calories! Double Desserts on Sundays!:thumbsup:

Forgive me, a man, for butting in here but Star Wars was really a rip-off of Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy on a grander scale than any idea’s he might have got from Dune.

This thread has given me hope. :smiley:

I noticed that, too

I won’t argue against that! As one of my writing teachers said in high school: there really hasn’t been a new story for about 500 years!:smiley:

I love David Eddings! My favorite books of his are the Sparhawk books. There is something about Sir Kalten that I really enjoy. I think it has to do with his unwavering loyalty and love for Sparhawk. Now that I think about it, it is probably the same reason my favorite LOTR character is Sam Gamgee.
I read The Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings but I have not read the rest of the Dreamers series yet. Although The Elder Gods was good, I am willing to bet it was written more by Leigh Eddings than by David, because it doesn’t resonate as well as the Elenium and the Tamuli series do.

I had not made that connection. You make me want to re-read the Foundation series.
By the way, I saw that the Asimov estate has authorized a new Robot series featuring Susan Calvin. I saw the first book on the shelves a few weeks ago. It looks pretty good, but I couldn’t get it at the time.

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