Any Good Books about Mary?


Greetings and peace unto you all,

Could anyone recommend good books to read and learn more about Mary the Mother God so as to understand the churches teaching and appreciate her. I’ve recently begun the RCIA, so I’m a new jack so to say to Catholicism and not that I’m struggling with reverence to Mary but I’d really like a deeper spritual understanding and appreciation.

This is somewhat off the topic, but not entirely. Last night I had a dream that involved Mary the Mother God. I’ll describe the dream for you all.

I was in a room that I didn’t recognize, so I’m sure it wasn’t one in my home. It was a little gloomy in the room, but not completely dark either. It was enough to see pretty good. I also remember that there was someone else with me in the room, I think it was a women. Could have have been a younger girl, I know she was shorter than me.

I then realize in the dream that I’m holding a picture frame. Then I sense a dark presense that seems to pass over the picture in a dark shadow form. When I and the girl next to me look at the picture I see that it looks like it was blacked out somewhat, but I could tell that it’s a picture of a women. She looked like she was covered with a vial and kinda of reminded of those Afghanistan women who are covered completely from head to toe and are only able to see their eyes. Only the women in this picture was visible from the around the shoulders up.

Two things I remember feeling, one was that the dark presence I mentioned earlier was Satan, and the women in the picture that was darkened or almost darkened, was Mary. The next thing in the dream I remember doing is saying a prayer in my head, and then yelling out very loudly, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”. As I’m yelling, I’m holding the picture by ends with both hands and just try to like hit the picture with my head. Just think of someone being head butted, like in wrestling. Only the picture did not break nor did I intend to break it.

After I did that, the image of the women in the picture became clear and bright and look like what I can only imagine was Mary Mother of God. She had a crown on her head and her face was now visible. And right away I went to the nearest wall in this room and place the picture on the wall. And immediately after doing this, the girl that was there with me quickly leaned forward and kissed the picture. Then I woke up.

So anyway, this has me wanting to delve deeper into Mary. I’m a person who dreams quite a bit and there’s usually something to my dreams, not all the time but plenty of times there is. Like I remember before I really began to take real interest in Catholicism, I had a dream prior to that with John Paul II entering my home and I addressed him as, Your Eminence. This was before he passed away. Then I remember seeing John Paul II laying in state in a dream the day before he passed away.

I try not to get carried away with my dreams, or dreams in generel but this one with Mary has me thinking.

So again, any books or websites, or whatever that anyone can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

And does anyone have thoughts about this dream of mine.

God Bless You All,

Nelson Antonio Garcia



You could start with Scott Hahn’s “Hail, Holy Queen”. This is a great intro for “beginners”. It’s available at any Barnes & Noble. After that, you might try St. Luis de Montfort’s True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. This work has been hailed by several Popes, so you’re on pretty safe gound.

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I’m reading Morning Star: Christ’s Mother and Ours, by Fr. Oscar Lukefahr. I’m about half way through and it seems very good, comprehensive and easy to understand.


[quote=aurora77]I’m reading Morning Star: Christ’s Mother and Ours, by Fr. Oscar Lukefahr. I’m about half way through and it seems very good, comprehensive and easy to understand.

AND IT IS FREE, along with a study guide and a scored-online test. Visit Another is “The World’s First Love” by Sheen.


Mary Mirror of the Church by Raniero Cantalamessa is good.

Louis Bouyer wrote a book on Mary called Seat of Wisdom. I haven’t read it but everything I have read by Bouyer is very good.

The Episcopalian theologian John Macquarrie wrote a book called Mary For All Christians which I liked quite well. But then, I’m an Episcopalian. You might find it heretical, or you might find it interesting to see what an Anglican thinks on the subject (you will probably be surprised).



[quote=awfulthings9]AND IT IS FREE, along with a study guide and a scored-online test. Visit Another is “The World’s First Love” by Sheen.

I didn’t realize that! I got the book from our parish library.


Hello All,

Catholic Answers has a few great resources:

  1. Meeting Mary Learning Guide
  2. Meeting Mary Evangelization Guide (Booklet)
  3. Refuting the Attack on Mary

Also, don’t forget TAN Books’ True Devotion to Mary.

If you go through these resouces, you’ll know and love Our Lady! :slight_smile:


John Paul II wrote a book about her too, it is
"Book of Mary"
I believe ewtn has it
it’s under Marian books
any book by St. Louis De Montfort is good, another one of his is
"The Secret of the Rosary" (ewtn probably has that too.)
The other’s that other’s above have already mentioned to you are good too, such as Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s book
"The World’s First Love, Mary, Mother of God" (I believe that is the full title of it.)
Also Scott Hahn’s book “Hail, Holy Queen.” lets see what else, oh, there is another one on ewtn by a Mother Maria Francesca Perillo, its about the references to Mary in Scared Scriptures and how she occupies a place in the history of salvation. “Do you know our Lady”? one last one is “The Miraclous Medal” by Francis Johnston. (as far as your dream goes, sounds like maybe an angel of God is leading you to the Blessed Mother and trying to let her be more clear to you) If you don’t pray the Rosary yet, try it, she will lead you right to her Son, Jesus. The Blessed Mother is awesome, she intercedes for us all to her Son Jesus. I am sure the home page of this site has books on her too and also how to pray the rosary, I know ewtn has it under prayers on their site. God bless and may His dear Mother be with you.


Catholic Home Study Service has a great study that I highly recommend.


Right now I’m reading The World’s First Love: Mary Mother of God by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Very good so far.


I can recommend

The World’s First Love by Fulton Sheen
First Lady of the World by Peter Lappin
True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis de Montfort


Books that have not been mentioned that I recommend are:

Immaculate Conception and the Holy Spirit: The Marian Teachings of St. Maximilian Kolbe by Fr. H. M. Manteau-Bonamy, OP from Marytown Press. Father was a peritus (theological expert) at the Second Vatican Council. St Maximilian was revered by Pope John Paul II who canonized him and called him the saint for our times.

The Kolbe Reader: The Writings of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe, OFM Conv. edited and commented on by Fr Anselm W Romb, OFM Conv. “OFM Conv” stands for Order of Friars Minor Conventual – which is one of three main Franciscan orders that trace their roots to St Francis of Assisi. “Minor” means “little” – so when Pope Benedict XVI speaks of “minority” as he has done at least once, that’s what he’s referring too :slight_smile:

The first book contains a lot of theological exposition but it is not at all dry. A book about God and the Blessed Mother could never be dry :slight_smile: St Maximilian’s writings are quoted throughout and also in an appendix.

The second book contains much more of St Maximilian’s writings. A quotation of his writings is coupled with commentary that may give background or other useful information. I find this second book great because it is “unfiltered” – you get to read from the Saint himself.

God bless you and pray for all of us!


The World’s First Love by Bishop Sheen is the best book I can think of. It is actually one of my all time favorite books about Christian faith in general, not just about Mary…
The Archbishop has a gift for not just imparting information, but also of letting you feel his own love for the Mother of God.


I would also suggest “Mary of Nazareth” by Federico Suarez. ISBN 0 971 117 105 8


The best book to read about Mary is The Mystical City of God that is believed to be an autobiography of the Holy Family dictated to Mother Mary of Agreda. Be advised, it is a four volume set with over 2700 pages, but I can assure you, it is well worth the read. I have read it twice and refer to it frequently, getting a better understanding each time. For one example, during the coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven, Almighty God specifies: “Nothing do we wish to concede to humanity that does not pass though thy hands.” I am convinced that there is no better way for us to reach salvation than by offering everything through her hands to God.


One of the best books about Mary that I have read is by St. Alphonsus Liquori, but I am drawing a blank on the exact tite. I believe it is The Gift of Mary or something along that line. As others have already done, I can also recommend St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary. Great question, and Welcome HOME!



Hi - I have a lot of good books about Mary but the one that i enjoyed the most is called “The life of Mary” - as seen by the mystics.It is a masterpiece that combines into one coherent story the visions of four great Catholic mystics on the life of Blessed Virgin Mary. Based primarily on the famous revelations of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich (the mystics revelations Mel Gibson used in The Passion Movie) , Venerable Mary of Agreda, St. Bridget of Sweeden and St. Elizabeth of Schoenau.

This book is awesone on the life of Mary from her birth until her death.I understood and could concentrate on the rosary better after reading it. I totally recommend it. It is easy reading and is so informative. My daughter in law took it on her holidays a couple of years ago and just couldn’t put it down. It really helps you know Mary better.
I hope you can find it. It is published by Tan and compiled by Raphael Brown.
God Bless - Lenis


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