Any Good Books on King David?


Any good books about King David or about The Kingdom and Exile? Preferably on Kindle and Catholic


The Catholic Holy Bible:)


Of course, The Bible! :cool::cool::cool:

What I meant, any book that offers a commentary on this period of Salvation History? I’m currently reading a book written by Scott Hahn, “A Father Who Keeps his promises.” This book is very good, highly recommended. What I’ve read so far has opened my eyes more, to appreciate more what God inspired to be written in sacred Scripture, especially about the Pentateuch.

I’m currently focused on the Old Testament. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover but to tell you the truth, I forgot most of it, or didn’t understand it. I then read from Genesis to the Chronicles. I then read Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins book, “Walking with God” and I got a better understanding. Now that I’m almost finished with “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” I’m getting a better view. So now that I finish the book I want to focus on the books of Judges to Chronicles and now I’m looking for a commentary on this period in the Bible, especially about King David and the Kings that follow all the way to the exile and restoration.

Any suggestions besides the bible???



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