Any good Catholic movies out there? Preferably one about JPII

Can anyone reccomend any good movies about Catholic saints, popes or anything that can strengthen my love for the church? I would really like to know more about JPII and luckily, I’ve found several movies on the net…if someone could give their favorites among these I’d really appreciate it. What’s the best movie on JPII that captures his life and achievements as Pope? I just watched Joan of Arc: The messenger and I was so disappointed. The movie was anti- catholic and portayed Joan as a schizophrenic, if a person read an ounce of her life, he’d know that such a claim would be ridiculous. :rolleyes:

Popes…Saints…any recommendations guys?

Keep an eye on EWTN - every once in a while they run a movie about a saint. About1 or 2 weeks ago they did one, and another time over the Christmas holidays they ran one about the life of JPII during WWII.

There’s a movie about JPII called, “Karol: The Man Who Became Pope.” As the title implies, it focuses on his life before becoming Pope, specifically the period immediately before and during his (secretly) entering the seminary during WWII under Nazi occupation. Very good movie!

I recommend Steve Ray’s series “The Footsteps of God” which includes on-location documentary footage about both Old and New Testament saints, such as Moses, David, Solomon, St. Peter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Apostolic Fathers. This is available on Netflix or by ordering from Ignatius Press.

I had a lot of luck by obtaining various catalogs - starting with Ignatius Press - and querying Netflix search to find all the discs I was interested in. They carry a great variety of stuff, but check the publisher if you are wary of getting things from a Protestant or atheist viewpoint. Right now we are getting some great documentaries on ancient history from Kultur films, which is a German company with the aforementioned “alternative viewpoints”.

Testimony by Cardinal Dziwisz.

Narrated by Michael York.

I second this notion. [SIGN]Me, too[/SIGN]
Also, you can try the Bible Collection DVD series with Richard Harris etc. Joseph, Esther and Jeremia should be good, maybe more, I heard those are very faithful.

This was the movie to which I was referring! Thanks for supplying the name prodigal! :thumbsup:

There is also a movie about the life and death of his older brother.

They also did a follow up film, Karol:The Pope, The Man.

CBS did two films on JPII. The first in the early 80’s with Albert Finney as the Pope and more recently the mini-series with Jon Voight and Cary Elwes.

There is also a film called Have No Fear:

there are two good ones, one is Karol: it plays on EWTN once in a while, in two parts. here is a trailer

Another good one was done by one of the networks of all places and featured Cary Elwas as the young Karol Wotyla, and Jon Voight as the bishop and pope and for a Hollywood production was simply excellent. The compassionate way in which Voight portrayed the aging, ailing pope in his last years conveyed exquisitely the example set of the dignity of age and suffering, a superb acting job.

my first site to go to for Catholic DVDs is Ignatius Press, then Vision Video

I too will vouch for this miniseries. It painted a fair picture, and was done well.

About the only criticism I can lodge against it is it wasn’t a book. :stuck_out_tongue: But as a TV miniseries it was excellent.

I thought this one was really well done, too. They switched actors right at the papal conclave. Cary Elwes went in the conclave as Karol Wojtyla, and Jon Voigt emerged as John Paul II. I thought that was an appropriate place for them to do that.

The nice thing about that movie is that it covers pretty much his whole adult life. I highly recommend it. :thumbsup:

I’d be very careful about watching & dowloading movies from rogue websites as most of the time what’s out on the 'net is often pirated content. Stick with the legitmate recommendations like Netflix, the EWTN catalog, etc.

Perhaps what the OP meant by “found…on the net” is simply “found out about them on the internet” rather than actually downloaded and watched. That’s what I took it to mean anyway.

Your recommendation is a good one, though.

Pope John Paul II with Carey Elwes as the young Karol Wojtyla and Jon Voigt as the Pontiff. It was a superlative movie and I was moved to tears by it.


lists of saints movies we watched during my postulancy:

Maria Goretti
Karol: A Man who became pope
Bakhita: From slave to saint
The passions of Bernadette
Don Bosco
Martin de Porres
Francis and Clare
Brother Son and Sister Moon
Quo Vadis
Anthony of Padua
There be Dragons
Joseph Muscati
Joan of Arc
Edith Stein
Teresa dos Andes

you could also watch;
a nun story
sisters act
going my way
bells of st. mary

You’re welcome. My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Did you know there is a film that was actually WRITTEN by John Paul II (as Karol Wojtyla)?

It’s based on his 3-Act Play, “The Jeweller’s Shop” (“La Bottega dell’orefice”), and stars Burt Lancaster, Ben Cross, and Olivia Hussey.

From the Amazon description: “Based on Pope John Paul II s best-selling book, this is the story of the struggles and triumphs in the marriages of three couples. A mysterious jeweller (Burt Lancaster) acts as a mystical advisor to the couples, encouraging them to keep love at the center of their lives. Beautifully filmed with an outstanding cast that includes Olivia Hussey and Ben Cross. John Paul II called it “the best possible film based on my play.” Format: DVD Publisher: Ignatius Press”.

Amazing! I was reading a list of names on the site of famous non-believer actors/actresses and Lancaster is listed but he was raised a strong believer, then fell away as an adult and claimed non-belief even when filming his TV mini-series “Moses the Lawgiver”. However his girlfriend of 14 years at the time did not believe Lancaster’s public claims about his own beliefs. She went back to the faith of her youth and the two split up. That was in the 1970s. After reading your post above about his part in that JPII play, I’m wondering if in his late years he didn’t publicly soften up to what he had claimed to let go of.

I have a related question but will post a new thread on it.

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