Any good Catholic video/PC game titles?


There are a good number of games that cost upwards of $100M to make. :astonished:

But you can also make a decent game for very, very little, depending on how ambitious you are.



Once you account for marketing and distribution, it gets up to hundreds of millions of dollars. The game development itself can reach $50+ million. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice did cost $10 million, but it was targeting a “low” development cost. That makes it very unlikely that you’ll get a Christian game with very high production value anymore. Even Catechumen, which was decent by the standards of its time, still lagged behind games like Half-Life, and production value has only gotten exponentially better in the last twenty years.

Things were less expensive in the past, though. Even today, there’s a thriving indie scene of relatively low-budget games. Some of the higher production ones can still reach a few hundred thousand to a couple million in budget. A game with a budget under $100,000 is certainly doable. The problem is that many think that a low budget gives them an excuse to make a game that looked like a bland PS2 game.

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To be fair, they’re usually pretty terrible games.



Yeah, I played a few growing up. Even the best ones never got better than just decent, good for a fan of the genre but worth ignoring for everyone else. Most, however, were much, much worse.



Catechumen is one of the most expensive Christian video games ever, $830,000 in production costs



Catechumen feels like half-life. It might look great 20 years ago put compared to today’s modern games it is just meh😒



Maybe World War 2 games going after Nazis?



I forgot the name of Catechumen, but that’s one of those I was referring about having poor graphics and poor premises.
But being honest OP, what type of “Catholic” game are you looking for?



How about a game where you give away power/life/posessions to others in order to gain more life/power/posessions from God? With the ultimate goal of converting a powerful King and quelling lots of demons along the way? Seems contrarian like Christianity.



Unless I’m mistaken, Catechumen had OK graphics by 2000 standards, which is what it was dealing with at the time. Pretty much everything else about the presentation, though, was awful. Few games have gotten me to laugh as hard at poor animations and bad voice acting as much as that one did, and I doubt the person programming the AI knew anything about pathfinding algorithms. I also chuckled at how having two guards grab you meant game over, almost like the developers couldn’t figure out how to avoid getting stun locked and used a game over to get it over with quickly. Oh, the “HALLELUJAH!” after killing a guard was hilariously cheesy.

But the game also had to at least be a bit OK for most of the cheesiness and bad presentation to come across as enjoyably funny rather than annoying.



Yeah, I chuckled. They use this word too… erm… liberally.



I hear there are some Minecraft servers that are pretty Christian nowadays



Graphics yeah but the storyline and stuff is still good


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