Any good Christian metal bands?

I’m 15, and I like all music, mostly metal and old country music, I’m not much of a fan of “Christian metal” because I feel most of it, (like tournequit) is mediocre at best. It seems like every protestant with a guitar has to do something. I’m looking for bands more on the extreme side, I like the sound of it, but I don’t like the themes for obvious reasons, so I’m looking for good alternatives. Good ones seem hard to find. I did find Deliverance, who is very good, I reviewed Weapons of our Warfare on my blog ( and gave it a 10. I also know of Mortification, I bought there first album for one song mostly, the rest of it wasn’t exceptional, though Scrolls of the Megilioth is probably better, I also have Horde’s Hellig Usvart. As for secular bands I really like Metallica’s early stuff. Basically what I’m looking for is Christian metal bands, mostly thrash and maybe some death metal, who can compete with secular bands as far as talent goes. Any recommendations?

Well from the sound of it your fine with non-Christian band suggestions as long as there no the Satan worship blood & gore shock value types. So going on that Iron Maidens lyrics aren’t really satanic or Anti-Christian so there a good choice. Other than that im at a loss when you rule out the Satanic shock value bands you basically rule out all the really good metal.

I disagree, Why would I want to listen to such evil music? What makes them better? Even if it is just for show, St.Paul says we shouldn’t even have the apperance of evil.

Although as a personal opinion(taste),I don’t like this type of music(I,m a Guitarist,play a Les Paul and a 61sg through a Marshall Artist)anyway my son likes Demon Hunter.They’re very aggresive and “HEAVY”.:slight_smile:

*Any good Christian metal bands? *

An oxymoron if there ever was one.


I understand your skepticism of Christian metal bands. Sadly, many Christian bands are pale imitations of their secular counterparts. That being said, there definitely are some great Christian bands that simply write great music.

Here are my favorite Christian metal bands:
*]Theocracy [power metal]
*]Saviour Machine [symphonic/orchestral goth metal]
*]Divinefire [power/thrash metal]
*]Veni Domine [goth metal]

I’m more of a power/prog metal fan and these bands tend to fit into that area, so they may not be exactly what you’re looking for. But they are all very well done Christian metal. Try Theocracy’s song Laying the Demon to Rest. It is by far their heaviest song and it might appeal to you. Lyrically, it is about the struggle with sin. The thing I love about Theocracy is that they write Christian lyrics that aren’t cheesy or hoakey.

Saviour Machine is not really agressive, but they make very beautiful music. Their legend trilogy is awesome (and I’m still anxiously awaiting Legend III:II, which is supposed to be their final album). Eric Clayton has a great voice for this style.

Divinefire is sort of a Christian metal “supergroup”. The main vocalist is the guy from Narnia [neoclassical power metal], but they also employ some death grunts here and there. They definitely play fast and furiously. On their first album, they also have the vocalists of Veni Domine and Saviour Machine doing guest appearances.

Veni Domine, again, is not very agressive, but the music has that “dark” feel to it (which is rather typical of goth metal). I think they’re very much under-rated.

I know there are several posters here who are into death metal who know of some good Christian bands in that style. Hopefully they’ll see this thread and chime in. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the referances, and yes, thats the problem with alot of Christian bands, they try to hard to imitate secular bands (like tournequit), and usually fail. Or they’ll have really lyrics that are just preaching there protestantism, or some other cheesy thing. I don’t understand why they can’t be Christian and sing with Christian undertones, sing about maybe, personal struggles, an anti-abortion song maybe, theres so much that would fit into the typical themes of metal. I’m not familier with power metal, but I did listen to that one song. Mostly what I’m looking for is mainly thrash metal and maybe a little death metal, but I’ll take any other genre suggestions too.

Honestly, some of you guys sound like these Bayside obsessives:


What do you mean?

No kiddin all the Christian music i’ve heard is really soft and the Christian metal i have heard has sucked so much. So yeah Metal isn’t really a genre rooted in Christian values it didn’t start that way and will probably never be that way. If you want good Christian music you have to go to the Soft Rock genre to find any. Well good luck in your search Bacon.

Okay i went searching around and found a few you might like

Seventh Angel: It’s thrash so it’s the right genre and the few songs i listened to on youtube were pretty good the sound quality on the videos pretty bad.

Believer: I haven’t listened to any of their songs this ones a recommendation from my friend (He’s really into Christian Metal)

Vengeance rising: This ones also so a recommendation from my friend. (They don’t have a website)

When i was a atheist i was really into Slayer but dropped them when i decided to convert

Most of its mediocre, not because of the values really, but because the musicianship is not very good and alot of them try to imitate secular bands. I think it’s because they have a guarrenteed fan base so the get lazy. Some of it’s just preachy, (Tournequits ark of suffering for example.) However, I’ve found a few that are good, and that to me, actually play well, I really liked that Deliverance album for example. I’m trying to find those bands that actually seem to play their instruments well. So not all Christian metal sucks, the title track off Weapons of Our Warfare got on MTV, Lars Ulrich of Metallica said it was 1 of his top 10 videos. But I’m trying to find some good bands in a sea of mediocrity. And as for Slayer, they have some really good songs, but I can’t listen to a band that mocks The Lord like they do. If that singer was a practicing Catholic like he says he wouldn’t sing such songs.

I clicked on this link and thought some of it funny and some of it sad.I’m old enuff to remember when people thought Puff the magic dragon was a song about drugs.:smiley:

Try POD. Heavily reliant on Christian themes in their music, and they rock.


Alright, which album should I start with first?

it says the singer of venegence rising became and Athiest. Wow.

I mean people who think an entire genre of music can’t be “good”, because of certain artists lifestyles (or alleged lifestyles that they really don’t have!) or because the music doesn’t suit their tastes, are simply being ridiculous. That, and people who believe in the “Bayside apparitions” and “Our Lady of the Roses”. :rolleyes:

Oh, I see.

btw, if anyone has some secular suggestions too I’ll take them.

I’ve been on a site called, who seems to be quite knowlegeable. The guy is quite protestant but he has a comparison chart, reviews, a lot of bands mentioned from a bunch of genres, a whole bunch. I did look at a death metal band mentioned there. Sacrificium. If anyone knows anything about them, what do you think of them?

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