ANY Good Church news from anybody out there?


Our Church is doing well, Our Pastor though tired is doing well. Our Diocese is Doing well as far as I know. So THANK YOU JESUS for that and may it continue. OH and we are about to do outside improvements and because our collections have been good we don’t have to borrow any money for them we already have the money.


Oh, definitely :+1:t3:

New pastor arriving this month in territorial parish.
Current pastor moving on to a lighter assignment next week. I’m sorry to see him go, but it is necessary for medical reasons so I’m glad he will no longer be endangering his health here. (The workload is too heavy for someone in his fragile state.)
Eight men to be ordained to the permanent diaconate in early October.
ICRSS parish growing by leaps and bounds.

Deo gratias :pray:


The parishes in the areas that I’m familiar with grow and prosper as long as the pastors and bishop agree to let the growth happen.

The parishes that make excuses about why they cannot change continue to do poorly.

Protestant churches in my area aren’t hampered by a bishop, and they seem to have lively congregations who are willing to give and work for large building lots for large church campuses that host many community fostering events. I still don’t see catholic parishes doing that, but the ones that try are definitely seeing benefits from whatever progress they do make.


Hannah received her first communion on Thursday evening with her family. :clap::pray::+1::rose:


Yes, last month our parish administrator was chosen by our archbishop to remain as our pastor. He is originally from Poland, and during his time with us he has started our parish praying the Divine Mercy chaplet every week, as well as adding an additional day during the week for confessions.


AWESOME news. Prayers going out for all of these:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be




CONGRATULATIONS Hannah and God Bless.


Funny news: Yesterday was my first day ushering at my church. For some reason, the scheduler made me the the lead usher. I quickly put the responsibilities on someone else.


You’ll catch on and do well I’m sure.


I live in a very good diocese with a Holy Bishop who has cleaned up scandals that occurred under a previous bishop. We have some wonderful new priests who were recently ordained who are also leading Holy lives and shepherding their
flocks. I continue to have faith in the One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church when
I see Holy men like these leading our diocese and parish and doing the work with grace and a smile on their face that they were ordained for. I feel blessed.


We in my parish have a great priest, kind, humble, intelligent and with a good sense of humour. He’s often available even though he runs two churches and a chaplaincy at our local university, he’s the busiest man I know. He’s also responsible for many other things too, when he sleeps I really don’t know so I’d say his energy comes from the Holy Spirit.

He also intends on brightening up our little church and he’s already commissioned several improvements over the past eighteen months or so.

No scandal, just the sound of a … more or less, contented flock.

Thanks be to God.


THAT IS TRULY GREAT! Offering prayers for them all:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


THANK YOU JESUS! Praying for y’all as well:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


Just got back from an awesome Church fest. 95 degrees and yet it was packed with people standing in lines for 10-20 minutes to buy all the ethnic food. Couldn’t get a parking space for blocks.

The church is in an area that has gone downhill big time, but it is run by an order now and looks very pristine. I bet they make a lot of their operating money off this annual fest, it is huge.

We actually have about three of these in my home area, each at a different time of year and run by a different Catholic church. All of them are fun and have wonderful food.


Praying for all of them:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


Sounds like we will have a good group for RCIA this year, new director of music who is using our organ on occasion, and our Bishop has scheduled a Holy Hour for prayers for the Church and those abused.


THANK YOU JESUS for those positive things.


Good news. The Holy Spirit moved this year and we have enough volunteers to bring back Children’s Liturgy of the Word next Sunday. And not only that, there will be a junior group (under 7’s) and a senior group (7-12 years). For a stagnating parish, this is a miracle, a blessing, answered prayers and a huge message of hope.


THANK YOU JESUS for these blessings!

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