Any good hip-hop music?

Is there any good hip-hop music that doesn’t have sinful lyrics? I am asking because I love how the beat sounds. But the lyrics are awful. Are there any good hip-hop singers? I have herd one song by Kanye West that the lyrics were fine. Is he good?

Good rap?

No such animal.

Here’re a few to check out…

Public Enemy
Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Blue Scholars
The Roots (I tried to find a video for ‘Criminal’ off Rising Down but it’s all remixes)

There’s also the classics: Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow, Run-DMC, Sir Mix-a-lot (‘Baby Got Back’ isn’t the only thing he ever did :stuck_out_tongue: ) – they had their editorial moments but don’t get as graphic as the gangstas did and do.

Speaking of the gangstas, I have to say – at least give Straight Outta Compton one listen. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it; if you think the lyrics make it immoral, nobody’s stopping you; but not only does it have several of the most famous names in west coast rap collaborating on the first gangsta album ever, it’s a lot deeper than you’ll find most people give the genre credit for. NWA had a message that needed to be heard, and it’s still good and worth hearing in the face of all the lesser and more vulgar imitators.

Zang productions.

Benjamin Blower’s great.


There is a whole selection of CATHOLIC hip-hop with orthodox lyrics:

Now you know! God bless.

Do you know Elliott Yamin? He was a finalist on season five of American Idol. I LOVE his voice! His album is titled Elliott Yamin.
It’s got a beat that you might like. AND, no offensive lyrics! He’s too nice a guy to have bad lyrics. :thumbsup:

I agree with Mirdath (hardly a surprise there :wink: ), but assuredly I recommend checking out the Blue Scholars to the forum in general, particularly those who have stereotypical perceptions of hiphop. They use beautiful and inspiring gospel samples very often, and emphasize introspection, genuine scholarliness, the simple joys of existence, and finding transcendent meaning in the every-day in their (wonderful) rhymes and flow. I think I have heard perhaps one usage of a ‘bleepable’ word in their lyrics ever, and it was assuredly not in any violent or prideful way - they make the, ahem, s-word sound less obscene than when most people here might say ‘poop’. Really, that is a fantastic place to start - there’s nothing not to like! Start with ‘Ordinary Guy’ and ‘Joe Metro’ (easily found on youtube) and be amazed.

After that, yes, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, particularly the album he made with Kid Koala and Dan (the Automator) Nakamura, Deltron 3030 - the entire album. His erudition, imagination, and sense of rather highbrow/hipster humor are irresistible, and uses both classical Baroque and Cyberpunk sensibilities on this particular album. But his other work is delightful too! If it eases your mind, Del is an exceedingly moral person, straight-edge and celibate, occasionally uses a little rough language, but never for show. He’s quite an individual and well worth listening to.

From there, just explore, especially the less-mainstream and uncommercial artists. Particularly interesting is yes, the old classics (Public Enemy, NWA, many many more) with their strong, righteously angry politics and inventiveness for their time, but like most modern music, after that time period, the very best and uncompromising artists had to go underground and stay independent, so it may take some searching around. But, it pays off! There is much beautiful and intellectual material out there, if you seek it! :smiley:

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