Any Good reasons to not believe in overpopulation?


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I have been reading about overpopulation, and the sites I have read appear to support overpopulation. They give good scientific facts to support their argument. Can someone give me some good reasons why I should disagree with overpopulation? I’m struggling with this in my faith journey


Type “Thomas Robert Malthus” into your search engine.


Sure. Get in an airplane and look down.


The entire population of earth can live in the State of Texas, with 1,069 square feet of living space for every indivdual human - not just families. That would leave a lot of room for growing food on the rest of the earth. Simplified, of course, but the forces of death have motivated/infiltrated the ZPG movement. Population growth is simply the desire of those living to have control over, and to limit, those not yet living. All of this based on faulty models of growth, and much Chicken Little hysteria.

As to your faith, remember that the long term plan is to fill heaven with souls that honor and glorify God. This earth and all of it corruption will be gone. Don’t think left or right - think above.


Yes. The problems of “overpopulation” is really just a problem of distribution and economy.




Not a one…


Here’s a webpage relevant to your question (no support for the site intended)

and an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia (although this article was written in 1911):

God bless always


At the moment, we can grow food for everyone. It may not always be so. I guess we’ll figure out what to do when we get there. Or we’ll fight wars over it.


If you look at the statistics, while the world population is increasing it is not evenly distributed. So while there is a high birth rate in India and China, in Europe the population is declining and in the United States it stagnated. This is because as nations get wealthier (such as in Europe and North America) the people are less likely to see having children as an obligation and those who do have children end up doing so later in life.

Additionally, there is no reason to believe that humans will ONLY exist on Earth. While we have already made manned missions to The Moon and have sent rovers to many planets in The Solar System, we are also looking all about the universe for earth-like planets and are finding them in abundance. So it is very likely that humans will have set up settlements on other planets long before Earth’s carrying capacity is reached.

Finally, estimates on Earth’s carrying capacity for humans almost always fails to account for future technologies. Malthus’s never considered that we might discover advanced fertilizers of GMO Crops, and as such greatly underestimated how many humans there can be on the world.


Overpopulation is a myth created by the Rockefellers what a century ago or so. I think the better question is why would the ultra-wealthy have an interest in creating and promoting a myth that less people should be living? Its kinda like why to the ultra-wealthy have such a vested interest in supporting abortion? Look at how many millionaires and billionaires contribute heavily to Planned Parenthood.

The population in most Western countries is shrinking, to the point in many European countries that massive labor shortages are predicted in the coming decades. The US population has been stabilized only through immigration, otherwise the native population would be in decline due to lack of human reproduction (as it is in Europe). Even China is prediction demographic devastation due to its one child policy and has begun to roll that back in recent years.


That’s the primary driver of the people who think “overpopulation” is a problem.



This is why there’s consensus that the slowing growth trend means the peak will be around 11 billion.

It’s a curious impulse among humans to seem to want to have a doomsday scenario to fret about. Been hearing it my whole life, and history shows that it’s nothing new. If global warming finally is acknowledged not be the threat it was thought, we’ll have something else for sure.

Maybe it’s all because so many people see the earth as our only home, and this life as all there is; makes you frantic to protect it. Might make you almost worship the environment.


It’s an overrated problem from folks who subscribe to linear-thinking theories. Also, I’m betting a lot of these “facts” referred to may be skewed to support political and ideological concepts over in-depth science.


I don’t support the view of “overpopulation”

I have NEVER met a single overpopulationist who really believes what they’re saying.

If they TRULY believe there is overpopulation, why haven’t they committed suicide?

Clearly, they’re part of the problem by existing, right? Clearly they don’t believe they are part of the “surplus population”

OH WAIT, they believe that OTHER PEOPLE (not themselves) are the surplus population.

They’re hypocrites.

Another reason I don’t support the idea of “overpopulation” is that it devalues and dehumanizes people. That makes it easier to kill them, after all, they’re just “pulsating maggots” (like some overpopulationists call them)


You hit the nail on the head! I would add corrupt governments, eg, Africa.



Ever heard the phrase “demographic winter’”?


Unfortunately most human systems on never ending growth. Capitalism requires it, as does various social programs or even empires of centuries past. But there is an innate human understanding that nothing on earth can expand forever. Perhaps that is the thought process to address?

Also, those on board with ZPG may have a more personal reason. As countries become wealthier it seems that raising children puts one at a distinct disadvantage in some ways.



Yes. One reason is that God specifically told us to “be fruitful and multiply.” We should leave the outcomes to God. He is in control of the universe, not us.

Hope this helps.

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