Any good requiems?

I enjoy classical music but I never listened to religious classics before. Anyway, I picked up Verdi’s Requiem which is awesome (in the old sense of the word), then Luchesi’s, much more understated & finally Mozart’s.

Anyway, any recommendations for other requiems or Missa Solemnis? (I think I heard Beethoven’s ages ago)

Btw, I notice not all the Requiems (requia?) had quite the same sections; one had no “tuba mirum”, another no “confutatis” &c.


Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem in D minor??

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Btw, if anyone can clue me in which were actually composed for liturgical use?
At the extremes I’m assuming, e.g. that Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass” [sic] was not and Verdi’s Requiem was.

If you like modern classical music (2005), try Karl Jenkins’ Requiem. It’s not really a Requiem, but his Dies Irae, Sanctus, and Lacrimosa are good. I enjoy listening to it all the time.

I doubt if Fauré’s was as it departs significantly from the liturgical text.

Brahms’s Requiem (called “A German Requim” or “Ein Deutches Requiem”) is one of the most beautiful choral pieces ever written. I would highly recommend it!

It is different from other requiems, however, in that the text does not follow the traditional Mass for the Dead. Instead, the text is composed of various Scripture verses about death, comfort in sorrow, the resurrection and the coming of the Lord.

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