Any Good Resources for Conversion?



I was wondering if anyone knew of any good books or other resources that helped them or a loved one convert back to the faith.

I would love to share something with my husband to help open his eyes to returning to Catholicism. I have many good books myself, but he won’t read them because they are “too religious.”

Does anyone know of anything good that someone who considers themselves “non-religious” would read and might prove eye-opening. I would love to hear from other people who have converted or helped a love one to convert…



I’m not cure how you define “too religious”, but I found this to be an excellent book:

The Privilege of Being Catholic
by Oscar Lukefahr

It does an excellent job of making you understand why it is important to hold onto your Catholic faith and why it does matter which church you go to.


Matthew Kelly “Rediscovering Catholicism”.

Of coourse, the best book he can read is your life and example :slight_smile:


My mom loved the “Suprised by Truth” books (She is a convert). There’s also “Catholic for a Reason”, but maybe that’s better for farther down the line.


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