Any good sedevacantist debates?


Anybody know any good sedevacantist debates? Preferably one where the sedevacantist loses.


I can’t envision any “good” sedecavantist debate. To have a debate against someone, the other side has to use data from the same universe that you draw from. A sede by necessity has to play by their own set of rules, which are almost incompatible.

For example, suppose a man disputes the validity of all the popes since 1958. But in the papal election of that year all the cardinals would have been appointed by the valid Pope Pius XII, or his valid predecessor. Almost all of them would have been bishops, in valid apostolic succession.

The man who was chosen (John XXIII) was of course a valid bishop, apostolic succession, as have been all recent popes. John XXIII was clearly eligible to serve as bishop of a diocese, like Rome. To argue that he, and Pius XII-appointed bishop-cardinals would have participated in a fraud clearly calls into question Pius XII’s validity…and eventually all earlier popes, as well as implying the invalidity of apostolic succession. Keep in mind Pope Pius XII could have removed the red hat from anyone as late as 1958. He did not do so. For a fraud this huge, and him not to know about it, calls into question his validity.

You also can’t use the argument that popes since V II are invalid because they teach false doctrine. How do you know it is false? Because it contradicts earlier popes? But if Francis can be wrong, so can Leo XIII, etc.


Sedevacantism is a lie.


There is neither good nor bad. There is only humble submission and obedience to the Church which Christ founded. Let us not seek controversy for the sake of personal aggrandizement. Isn’t prayer for unity, after the model of our Lord, far better?


I would HIGHLY recommend checking this website out, if you know a Sedevacantist and are having trouble with their material, they likely have a rebuttal to the specific piece, or at least to their arguments:


This is greatly appreciated.


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