Any great qoutes you guys know , to help me out


So here’s the thing , I was a fallen away Catholic for many years and think I probably became viewed as such by my extended family over the years . Recently I came back to the church and am loving it . I have an Aunt who lives in another state , who in the last couple of years has been making sure to stay in contact with me by sending cards around holidays and birthdays , etc. I know she’s a big time believer and I was thinking it would be cool to be able to corespond with her on a level of things about Christ and the Church and what-not , even though in the past our corespondence has been alittle bit on the superficial side , I’d love to open it up and gain from her , as I know she’s very wise and devout . So I had sent a letter to my grandmother a couple months ago where I made mention to how Christ was working in my life and changing me , and I know my aunt talks to my grandmother alot - and now the birthday card that my aunt sent me says stuff like " God bless you Nephew … & Praying that your birthday ( is happy ) " and I was thinking maybe she picked a card like that on purpose , ya see what I mean . So my question to you guys would be , what would be a good qoute or something out of the CCC about Praying , or what-ever that would be short and alittle subtle , so I don’t come off like a zealot nut , but at the same time would let her know where my heart is at and maybe open the door to a deeper relationship in the future ?


Why not just use your own words, telling her you’re glad to be back, and thanking her for her prayers?


Dear “GlimpseAhead”. When I read this, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I have a similar situation, within my own family.

I have a very cherished nephew and niece, living in another state. I love them like they were my own children. But we also don’t get to correspond much. I worry about them constantly. My nephew is also my god-son.

I believe that they do practice the faith. They go to Mass and receive the Sacraments… at least some of the time. Neither of them has yet been Confirmed. :frowning: Anyway, I’m very sad about it all.

How I wish that we could correspond on spiritual matters. I miss them, greatly. I’m sure we could all learn so much… from a more spiritual relationship.

My advice is to contact your aunt and your grandmother. They love you VERY much. And will always be there for you. Tell your aunt that you’d like to have spiritual discussions with her. I’m certain that they’ve been praying for you on a regular basis… and will be thrilled to hear, that their prayers have been heard and that God has touched your heart.

May Our dear Lord bless you. Please let me know what happens.


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