Any Heartbeat fans?

I’ve become a real fan of the UK TV series ‘Heartbeat’ ever since ever since I discovered TVO showing it here in Ontario.
I LOVE the theme music!

Unfortunately, I’ve missed a lot of episodes. I’ve never seen any early episodes.

They started to show re-runs, however, right after Alf Ventriss was impaled!

Did he live??

I saw all the early seasons…and a favorite character in the early series was Greengrass, an excellent actor playing the part of a loveable? rogue. Lovely setting for the nostalgic series. Alf was also always one of Heartbeat’s best character actors. I haven’t seen the latest series, but found the second young policeman to be more engaging than the first (who ended up moving to Canada)!

One really enjoyable aspect of the show for me is listening to the various accents.
To my Canadian ear it is a real delight. (Especially the Scots accent.)

To my Aussie ear, Scottish accents are delightful.

Heartbeat is set in Yorkshire, England, I believe…For Scottish accents…I quite enjoy the series, “Monarch of the Glen” set in Scotland, however some of the actors are English, some Scottish.

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