Any Heavy Metal fans in here?

As long as the lyrics aren’t morally offensive, I enjoy a good headbanging :banghead: round of metal music. This includes the various subgenres of metal.

I don’t get into the stageshow theatrics, and I certainly don’t approve of the lifestyle etc. of many of the artists at all. I’ve never been to a HM concert and have no plans to ever do so. I just like a lot of the music. (And no, I don’t own any black concert T-shirts.) You could call me a closet HM afficianado.

When all is said, though, Iron Maiden is far and away my favorite. They have proven staying power, and each new release just solidifies their position as the best, IMHO.

And for the record, when it comes to liturgical music, I’m about as traditional as one can be…I absolutely loathe modern church music (for multiple reasons), yet I am 100% for Gregorian chant and Palestrina, etc.

I think I can agree with you on all counts. Iron Maiden does indeed rock. I can’t say they’re my absolute favorite, but they do rank way up there. And traditional music is the way to go in church. Unfortunately, my parish isn’t so traditional, so I end up singing a lot more modern stuff, but what can ya do? :shrug:

Here’s a short list of some of my faves:

Dream Theater
Iron Maiden
Coheed & Cambria
Blind Guardian
Iced Earth

Grunge (and post-grunge) is more of my thing.

Ah, fellow headbangers! :slight_smile:

I also enjoy a good headbang. I have been to many heavy metal concerts, and I do have a large assortment of black concert T-shirts (and one navy blue! ;)) though my wife doesn’t like me wearing them anymore! :slight_smile: I’ve seen Dream Theater four times, Savatage twice, was at the first Prog Power, and many others. I think the scariest one I went to was Dimmu Borgir / Nevermore. :eek: Not a fan of the first band, but I do like Nevermore (which is why I went). I’m not really into the “lifestyle”, though, and haven’t been to a concert in years.

And, yes, I also prefer traditional music at Mass. It seems that most Catholic metalheads I’ve come across feel that way. I wonder why that is. :shrug:

My favorites include:

[list]*]Dream Theater
*]Blind Guardian
*]Rhapsody (of Fire)
*]Royal Hunt
*]Pain of Salvation
*]Saviour Machine
*]Galactic Cowboys
*]Symphony X[/list]
…and many more!

I must also admit to enjoying the “hair” bands like Europe, Slaughter, Warrant, Bon Jovi, etc. :o

I have to say I’m somewhat jealous of you having seen DT four times. It seems they only tour in NY and California. Since I don’t live near either, I’ve never made it to one of their shows. :frowning:

What is up with that? If were up to me, the Mass would be all chant and only rarely featuring extra music that wouldn’t date past 1650, and yet I listen to and admire most of those bands on your list. I’ve seen Helloween and Savatage (before they became Trans Siberian Orchestra) in concert. Rhasody sounds like music to go on Crusade to. :slight_smile:

Everytime I saw DT was in Chicago (the FII tour, twice on the SDoIT tour, and the ToT tour). I don’t imagine they make it to North Carolina that often. :frowning:


A guy I knew in college (devout Catholic, music major, traditional Church music afficionado, and metalhead) told me that much metal today has a lot in common with classical music. He even went into this big thing about the roots of heavy metal music going back to the baroque period or something. :shrug: (It was outside of my area of expertise and a bit over my head.)

What’s up yall! This is a topic close to my own heart. I love metal!

I also prefer a more traditional setting when I’m at mass. I can’t explain it, other than the fact that my days are filled with loud rock, traffic, and a million other noises. When I go to church I want to focus on God and get away from all that other stuff.

As far as metal lyrics go, I don’t really like what most of them have to say, but I’m not the type of guy who puts musicians, actors, athletes on a pedestal. I can appreciate their talent without mimicking their lifestyles.

Here’s my list of the best:

Metallica (pre-black album)
Iron Maiden
Wrathchild America
Sacred Reich
Korn (just kidding!)

It’s good to know I’m not alone. God bless you all!

It’s true especially in what is known as “Power metal”, and certain guitarists like Yngvie Malmsteen who would learn their craft by mining classical music for things that demanded high technical/virtuosic expertise. Most of those things only blow away the listener when in their harmonic context, so when guitar heroes turned to songwriting, they often lifted harmonic progressions right out of traditional Western classical practice.

Here is Rhapsody. Check out 2:42 into it. That’s just a plain ol development section like in symphonic form. Add the blisterning sequences, outrageous arpeggios, and admittedly bombastic choir, it is obvious where they are getting their ideas from.

Check out Syphony X’s “A Fool’s Paradise” In addition to an appearance by the Dies Irae text, we get a massive baroque-like sequence at 3:35

I too am a metal fan and a traditionalist on liturgical music. I see others that have said that. I wonder if there is a reason these two things go together

I think it’s because we obviously have good taste. :smiley:

lol, You might be right. I think metal, especially power metal, has an epic/powerful quality that mirrors the sense of history and authority in traditional worship. IMO contemporary worship has a distinctly weaker feel and lower(and dare I say, protestant) view of humanity. Traditional music, liturgy and art encapsulates the Church’s attempt to express God’s divine mystery and majesty. Thus, it is not surprising that those with a flair for the epic would enjoy both tradition music and heavy metal.

My favorite kind of music is metal, classical, and I sometimes listen to opera.Bands I like are: (Old) Nightwish, Epica,
After Forever, Mortal Love, Xandria, My Dying Bride, Draconian, Kamelot, Demon Hunter, Bleeding Through.I have lots of other bands I like but I can’t think of them all right now.:o

Oh wow, you like Nightwish??? Me too!! Tarja Turunen has such a beautiful voice, and is a very beautiful woman too! “Oceanborn,” and “Once” are my favorite Nightwish albums!!

I also love Kamelot, Dragonforce, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Dream Theater, and so many more to list!!:rolleyes:

It’s rare to find one in these forums liking powermetal, :smiley: Vamprie Queen, you’re awesome!

Rhapsody is awesome too!

Awesome taste in bands. Ever hear of Ice Age? They remind me of Dreame Theater.

Wow, everyone here seems to love awesome bands. That’s so cool!

I used to like Nightwish, but I’m a Tarja fan, so when they dumped her, they lost me.

My ‘mostly metal’ playlist is heavy with Richie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio. Still listen to Quiet Riot, sometimes Staind and QotSA, but they aren’t the same without Nick…

But I’m getting old: most of the time I like more melody and less volume… Cloud Cult, Live and Grant Lee Phillips.

Nope, but I’m currently listening to some old Beatles tunes! My parents were very fond of them and I’m still grieving their loss, so listening to the Beatles is awesome. They snuck a little love to me over the airwaves. Growing up with Phil and Thelma was a hard row to hoe.



Gotta love them band names. :smiley:

None of them come close to “Twisted Sister” for originality, though. :smiley: :smiley:

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