Any help on how to remain submissive to parents?

I am a teenager, and my parents are quite older than the normal age parents are with kids of my age. Since i would not like to disclose personal information i will give you a quick summary of the situation. me: <13; Parents:<50. At home, since my parents are of age, they have trouble hearing and that can lead me to frustrate and lash out. I dont want to lash out, its just all of the stress and emotions build up and i explode. also because of the age gap, i feel as if my parents cant relate or it becomes hard for me to open up to them about things. How can i remain patient and submissive with my parents, and how can i better my relationship with them? -thanks.

I grew up with older parents too. My mom was 38 when she had me. I’m 26 now and my mom is 64. I remember being a teenager and things were tough. I felt like my parents couldn’t relate to how the world was for me.

The thing is, this isn’t just true for parents that are older when they have their child. This is true for all parents. Even when you grow older and have children you won’t understand your child or his generation and there will be conflict.

As far as the outbursts are concerned, try to imagine how jesus would’ve talked to his mother. maybe try to think about what you do before you do it and then respond to your parents.

good luck


I am not sure about the age gap being the problem here, and also, not sure their hearing is the problem.

It sounds like you do not know how to handle stress well and react badly to it. I think that some counseling could really help you learn how to interact better not only with your parents, but with people in general.

I too, had older parents. My father was 50 when I was born, so I know all about age gaps and all that. You just need to try to explain things you want to share better so that you will be able to relate to them better. But it goes both ways. I always was respectful and interested in things that were of my parent’s “time.” You may not always agree or like the same things, but that’s okay. You do need to respect them though. If you are respectful, there is not a problem.

Honestly, if you are less than 13 years old, I would advise you to post your questions in a more child-friendly place.

It is rare but not unheard of for people under age 50 to have hearing problems.

I will share with you a conversation I had with my grand mother-in-law. She is fast approaching 100. I asked her at what age she felt like an “adult” and at what age she felt “out of touch”. She said she will let me know when it happens.

Remember, your parents are people with flaws and failings, with hopes and dreams. The “generation gap” is what you make it into. When was the last time you sat down and listened to your mom? Really listened to her opinion about a book or a style fad? Try talking with them instead of at them.


I think those younger than 13 cannot post. I think they mean older but used the < Sign incorrectly.

Let’s see are your parents providing you with food, clothing and shelter?

Do they ask you to do reasonable things?

Then listen to them.

I’ll be in my 50’s when my youngest is a teen. I’m expecting him to follow the house rules and any reasonable requests we give him.

Listen to your parents!

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