Any high school sweetheart stories? or college even? Or just any ;)


I love hearing stories like these. I’m a romantic and i just really enjoy hearing how people met/came to marry their spouse. More so recently because i think, not 100% positive, that I met my future husband. I’m just not 100% sure since we aren’t dating yet but I know once we do I will know for sure. :smiley: honestly it doesnt even have to be high school or college. anything works for me :slight_smile: an dif you can tell me how you stiill go about your faith would be nice too but not necessary :wink:


The only high school sweetheart I’m Game to mention on here is a Girl that Pushed me off a Veranda because she like me,breaking my Wrist ,lol

Apart from that,I didn’t have what I would discribed as a Real Girlfriend till I was 24/25
And that’s the girl I married,:smiley:


We met at church. About age 13, our parents were friends, we were acquaintances. We started becoming friends in college youth group. She always asked me for a ride home. We started dating and really connected. After 2years, She left on a vacation with her family and I missed her so much I asked her to marry me as soon as she got back. We married in our church we grew up in 3 years exactly after our first date. A wonderful wedding with all the frills. We traveled the world, were successful at our jobs, had three beautiful amazing kids, and a house in the hills. Yet we grew apart. We both became self focused and selfish. Our sense of team eroded and we began to work against each other. Most of this was suBconscious and unknown to ourselves at the time. Conflict increased and after 7 years amongst extreme turmoil and unrest in our lives we divorced.

Hope you like tragedies.


All that to say…life is not a fairy tale. It takes lots of work. And marriage takes the most work. Fortunately my ex and I have reconciled in some ways and work together for our kids. We both have grown considerably as well. We even are doing some counseling so maybe the story is not concluded yet.


Currently on Project Runway, there is a very happily married woman who met her husband in pre-school.

I met my husband online at Catholic Match when I was 46. We are very happy together. I am so glad God did not allow me marry any of my former boyfriends whom I so badly wanted to marry. God said no and a certain disaster was avoided.


My wife and I met a week before I graduated from high school while she was a freshman. We had a common friend that set us up after my wife told her she had been watching me for about 4 or 5 weeks. Our first date was the evening after my high school graduation. We dated for the next 3 years until she graduated from high school, but I knew within a few weeks that we would one day marry (took her a couple more months to realize it too ;)). About 4 months after she graduated we got married and had our oldest daughter the following spring. We just celebrated our 21st anniversary last September and are a few weeks from welcoming our 7th child.

When my wife and I first met I was drifting away from the Presbyterian church, where I was raised. My wife wasn’t really raised with any faith beyond a person Jesus within, humanist type of faith (what she called hippy Christianity). Because of that our first 8 years of marriage was mostly secular. Around the time my oldest daughter was 8 my wife started to feel a tug toward religion. After floating through a couple different churches she eventually landed in the Catholic Church where she, my daughter, and oldest son were baptized and confirmed against my preferences. The next 3 years were an uneasy truce; we got along, but I resented the time she spent at Church and at related activities. After 3 years of dragging my feet I joined RCIA and was received into the Church. Since then we have welcomed our 4 (and soon 5) younger kids.

While it might seem like a fairy tale to marry your high school sweetheart, it takes a lot of work. It also takes early maturity to understand that life isn’t perfect and love doesn’t make everything roses and unicorns. There is a ton of sacrifice and subsuming your own wants and desires. This is especially true once you have kids. I will say that the first half of our marriage is different than the second half. Most of that I attribute to a common faith. While neither of us had a “me attitude” in regards to marriage, understanding how marriage fits into God’s plan has certainly strengthened our marriage. It has moved us from “what do we want out of life” to “what does God want of us and for us”.

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