Any idea on the discrepancies between the Litanies of Loreto?

The Litany of Loreto (as obtained through virtually everywhere you look-- for example, ewtn) is vastly different than the Litany of Loreto as written in the Manual of Indulgences.

Not just a little different, like translation preferences. I mean, vastly different. Maybe 33% different at a glance. (Such examples: Mother of chaste love, Mother and virgin, Sinless Mother, Dearest of mothers, Model of motherhood, Glory of Israel, Shrine of the Spirit, etc…)

Why is this? I find it hard to believe that the Litany within the Manual of Indulgences produced by the USCCB is defective, but why is it so totally different?

Given that it is at least 427 years old, if not more, it should come as no surprise that given cultures, languages, and time, it should come as no surprise that over time and distance, variations might occur.

Keep in mind that it is (at least according to my experience) an addition to the end of the rosary, not an official liturgical prayer of the Church, and as such relies on popular use of it. For those over the centuries who were good at memorization, it retained form, but not necessarily accuracy as to its original content.

It was originally approved by Pope Sixtus V in 1587, which would indicate it is most likely older than the 427 years since his approval.

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