I work in a U.S. Joint Service Crisis action team. As part of my duties I sit in close quarters and share a work station with a representative of the personnel division. He is a mormon.

Yesterday he got off the phone all excited because his son was given his mission assignment in Provo, Utha (apparently Utah is attracting alot of non mormons). After a polite “thats great” from me he continued to want to talk about this. I being Catholic did not want to because I disagree with this practice and the Mormons religion as well.

I had a heck of a time turning off this conversation; have any of you had similar experiences and have been able to find a way to avoid this while not making the individual upset or mad?

I’m not sure because I usually don’t even try to sidestep these conversations. I actually see them as an opportunity to talk about the Catholic faith as well. I am also very curious how other religions do certain things so it is a topic that I am interested in. I have a mormom friend and I love to talk about religion with him.

But if you do not enjoy these conversations I would just tell him that you do not talk about religion at work. That way he will think that it is only his religion that you do not talk about but religion in general.

Keep a small bible with you and open it to Rev 19:11-14. Say, “Hey look at this, do you think this will be when the Conversion of the Jews (Mormans) will occur?” OR you could say, with a smile,"You have to go to mass with me, next week is Invite a Morman week! IHS Daryl

I second Martino’s suggestion. The same applies to politics, or any other subject that might be controversial. :slight_smile:

[quote=WhiteDove]I second Martino’s suggestion. The same applies to politics, or any other subject that might be controversial. :slight_smile:


[quote=WhiteDove]I second Martino’s suggestion. The same applies to politics, or any other subject that might be controversial. :slight_smile:

I agree. I don’t talk about politics, religion or restaurants at work or with strangers.

Yes, I would definately avoid the discussion of restaurants! :smiley: You might find out that he likes the same ones as you, he’ll then pressure you with an invitation to lunch, and before you know it he’ll have you brainwashed into giving up coffee and booze for more than just Lent! :wink:

Hey another good idea would be to put a huge standing crucifix on your desk, a statuette of the Blessed Virgin, and a large copy of the book ‘Mormonism Unmasked’. Maybe he’ll be clever enough to get the point. Then, if he brings up the subject, politely and gently tell him that you never discuss religion at work. :angel1: Play it innocent…,TopRight,7,-26_PE20_SCMZZZZZZZ.jpg

I’ve had problems at work with Mormons, also. They believe they are members of the only True Church and that they have a duty to spread their religion. Its tough to turn them off. I like to point out the errors of Mormonism, and I take advantage of any opportunity they give me. But if you want to avoid confrontation, you might just hold your hand up in a “stop” gesture and say, kindly, “For the sake of harmony, religion and politics are best not discussed at work.”

Arm yourself with a copy of “No Man Knows My History - The Life of Joseph Smith” by Fawn Brody, a UCLA historian whose research into Mormonism caused her to leave it – the religion of her birth. You can keep it on your desk and read it on break and at lunch – that will discourage him, If he insists on trying to convert you, ask him if he wants to read it. That book will make you soooooo glad you’re Catholic and not Mormon! :smiley:


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