Any Immediate Music fan here?

I'm a big fan of Immediate Music. They're the leader in trailer music for cinematic releases. Recently, they're starting to release many of their works to the public.They just completed their live orchestral performance in L.A. I'd love to see their performance in a symphonic hall. The owner of Immediate seems genuine. Below are what I have in my play-list: Their lyrics and themes are very Catholic.

Spiritus Omnia
Fides En Lucius Dei
Rex Eternum
Lacrimosa Dominae
Prelude to Paradise
Serenata Immortale
Reluctant Warrior
Trial of Archangel
An Epic Age
Crusade (Crusaders of the Light)
Prometheus Rising
Darkside of Power

This is performance promo
(Notice a big flag of the Cross on the screen when Fides En Lucius Dei is played)

Yoav Goren, owner of Immediate Music, interviewed

I have liked them for a long time it but I wouldn't get carried away about the superficial Catholic references you find in the music.

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