Any info on Fr. John Corapi

Last I heard of him was the Black Sheep website, which last time I checked was closed.

Anyone know what he’s up to now?

All we can do for Father Corapi, is to include him in our nightly prayers and ask that the hardness of his heart be softened so his soul may be saved.
It is a tragedy that he was allowed to develope his preaching talents into a money making businss which in turn boosted his ego into a rock and roll like super star status which allowed common greed to posess him when his Religious Order told him to return to them and properly remit the money he made to the Order. The legality of secular law had nothing to do with this. It was a moral issue, and, unfortunately the man did not practice what he preached.
So, in all charity, all we can do is pray for him.

I read on another site that he may be returning to S.O.L.T., but so far there have been no sources to back this claim. He definitely can use our prayers. :gopray2:

I hope that he doesn’t despair. I think the best thing for him and his soul would be to return to his religious order but live out the rest of his life in prayer with the support of his spiritual brothers and out of the public eye.

I’ve been wondering the same thing.

I hope he goes back.

Father Corapi if you are reading this please don’t forget that their is no sin that is too big for GOD to forgive. Never forget that all your talks were never in vain and that you were able to bring people back to the church and also people who were never in the faith well into the faith. You have a special gift inwhich God gave you to bring people closer to him. This is coming for a person who lives in Melbourne Australia so their are people outside the states that knows who you are and think that you are a very specal person created by GOD.


I loved that video of his on YT where he talks about reconciliation and how we went after 20 years.

And then how he heard his father ask for reconciliation.

It is nice to see I am not the only person wondering. I poke around the internet every so often looking for an update. My prayers are always with him.

Yes, that video moved me as well - it is a great pity that he later somehow allowed personal pride to cloud his spiritual judgment.

Now in Christian love we should pray that the Holy Spirit will cut through his false pride and turn him back to being the good priest he clearly has the potential to be.

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