Any information in Pittsburgh or Greensburg, PA

My family and I are still trying to find information on TLMs in Greensburg or the eastern area of Pittsburgh.

I, for one, haven’t heard a word. If you go to the Greensburg Diocese’ website and read the “On the way to church” column, it is quite clear what the thought on the TLM is. Scroll down and there are several articles that make it very clear that the writer (a local priest whose name you will recognize) is not happy with the thought of EVER having to celebrate the TLM. I’m trying to decide whether to attend the Latin Mass in Patton, Pittsburgh or White Oak (isn’t that where you said there was going to be a TLM? I have been reading, on another site, about other places the Extraordinary Rite is going to be celebrated. I’m happy for them, but very very sad for those of us in our diocese. :frowning:

We are still waiting on information on White Oak. And yes I am also very sad for our diocese.

 fYI.  I'm a member o:thumbsup: f the Pittsburgh Latin Mass Community at St. Boniface.  It's a wonderful place. There are some students at St. Vincent who are trying to get things going there.  [email][/email]   get on their list and they'll notify you when the next Mass is scheduled.:thumbsup:
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