Any information regarding Moralism--a religion started by Eduardo Hernandez?

Is anyone aware of any information regarding a religion that apparently goes by the name Moralism (not the philosophy; this is an actual religion apparently). It apparently originated in Columbia; the primary seer was a man named Eduardo Hernandez. I found something about this religion some time ago, but now I can’t find anything online about it.

Some other facts that might might make it easier to find information about it:

  • Translator of one of the English documents was Valeria Ramirez
  • Document I found makes mention of the Cathedral in Bogota, Columbia
  • Document makes mentions of two planets in other solar systems/galaxies: Krystura and Tritinith.

Huh. Well, you seem to have some sort of document. But you don’t say what it is or where you found it. You also seem to have asked this question online today in about 20 different places.

Yet, not one of your keywords leads to any results but… your own posts.

Curious, isn’t it? Like someone trying to start a rumor, almost.

It’s odd, but it seems like the same thing is happening to me.

I’m certain the fine gentlesire that the OP is certainly wouldn’t think of doing such a thing, but it almost seems like he is pulling our chains or something like that, But of course than would never happen.

Hello Julia Mae. I only posted it in 4 places (,, Yahoo Answers, and this site). Apparently posts the question on multiple pages as a “see also” feature; when I checked Google at 6:48pm Eastern time on 11/16/2012, it showed more than 300 results from just alone. Originally I wanted to ask the question on a couple more sites, but it looks like that will only make it harder to find what I’m looking for. (It almost makes me want to delete the question from!)

Yes, I do have a document–I found a couple months ago, but for some reason I didn’t have the site bookmarked. I’ve been busy with work and other projects until a couple days ago; I finally got to reading it and analyzing some of the points it made, but now I can’t find where I got it.

The original is in .tif (as seven separate pages). Apparently this site won’t allow .tif uploads, so I merged them into one document using Microsoft Word and then exported it as a PDF. It’s attached.

If you can’t find anything about it, Julia, it’s not a big deal (I’m not sure anyone can now with the duplicate question pages from

I’m sorry, NovusAugustus, but I don’t understand your post. Who is the OP?

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