Any interesting new books? We got "Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor"

[adapted from an email letter, so it reads a little disjointed]

On Christmas Day the pastor of the Catholic Church where we were visiting also gave out free books … “Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor” by Allen Hunt. He had ushers give them out during Communion instead of after Mass, so that the “early leavers” would get one.

The conversion story of a Methodist minister who converted to Catholicism.

Hunt was a Methodist minister and some cloistered Catholic nuns had invited him to give a talk and during the discussion one of the nuns asked him about John 6: 30-70 … and he admits in the book that even with all his theology training, they just had not really considered it.

And then he talked about how the Protestant tradition just skirts all these essential issues … how the Catholic Church came before the bible and about the saints and mystics and all that. Interesting stuff about how they just ignore a lot of things. and also the

The pastor said they are going to have a discussion about the book later in the spring.

No need to distribute any freebies during communion. The free stuff, like books, are always set out in the Narthex ahead of time. People flock to free stuff even when they don’t know what it is.

I was wondering based on what your post said, was this the church you attended or was it an email you received from someone about a church they attended?

Many protestant pastors are coming into the Catholic Church. This is good news. I hope he is told about Marcu Grodi’s “Coming Home Network” as he will need some friends.

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