Any interracial marriages here?

Just seeking others that may be in similar relationships. I am white and my husband is black. We have been married almost 5 years and have a 3 year old son. I believe that interracial couples face a separate set of challenges in addition to the challenges that most married couples face. We go to mass on Sundays and I’m beginning RCIA in a couple of weeks and so excited about it! My husband graduated catholic school, elementary through high school and we are considering catholic education for our son. We have been made welcome in our church, and I was made feel very welcome here. Thank you all.

Interacial couples are fairly common here in Aus. I think. Not something to bat an eyelid over too much. It’s a shame that in this day and age that you still find bigoted people that will make an issue of skin colour.

When my kids were growing up there was this beautiful holy Tongan family who’s three oldest children were in the same grades as mine. I would love if my daughter (white)fell in love with and married Francis! What a most gorgeous boy, inside and out and a more lovely, devout family you could never hope to meet.

God bless and good luck with your journey in the faith!

Thank you. Thank you. I hope one day people will say the same thing about gay marriage.

Not something to bat an eyelid over too much. It’s a shame that in this day and age that you still find bigoted people that will make an issue of SSM.

I think it depends where you live. My wife is Dominican, I am a white anglo Canadian. We haven’t faced any external difficulties (Canada is a very accepting, multicultural society and the Dominican Republic is predominantly a nation of mixed African / European ancestry), but there have been cultural differences, internal to our relationship, that have made things challenging at times.

7 Reasons Why the Current Marriage Debate Is Nothing Like the Debate on Interracial Marriage

I would pit my passion for marriage equality against yours any day, and I’ve never met you.

But your behavior on this site is extremely rude. It’s one thing to post this stuff on gay marriage threads, but derailing this thread with what you know will be a contentious issue is extremely disrespectful to the CAF community, and to the OP. She came here looking for perspective and camaraderie. But instead, she’ll get to see a 10+ page long argument about gay marriage-which isn’t even related to what she asked. You aren’t helping the gay community, you’re just pissing off this one.

You do this on most threads you post on, and it’s getting very old. If you always have to be antagonistic, then maybe you should take some time to consider why that is.

I agree, I think that the cultural differences inside our marriage does challenge us at times, most times, we are simply husband and wife. There have been very bigoted views and actions by a part of my extended family that have been hurtful, and certainly by the same people that would never understand my conversion to Catholicism. I’ve found the church to be so fulfilling, so welcoming to my family. The extended family that have issues with my choice are missing out on a beautiful 3 year old boy, but those that I am close with, which includes all of my immediate family, have more than made up for that. We are going to have our son baptized in the church soon. We are looking into attending a Retrouvaille weekend to learn to better communicate with one another… Has anyone here attended?

While I appreciate your reply, and I can understand the challenge of fighting to love someone that “the society” tells you that you shouldn’t love… I am not an advocate in favor of same sex marriage. I stand with the Church on this issue and while it is not for me, I don’t feel that violence or hatred accomplishes Gods will.

Not a marriage, but my eldest daughter is white and has exclusively dated black men since she was about 15. I fully expect that when she marries it will be to a black man. I don’t care about his race, but Lord I pray he is a decent man who will provide for her and treat her well. It’d be a bonus if he was intelligent and had a good sense of humor but I’m not gonna push it…

My wife is Italian-American and I’m West Indian American. Im definitely sensitive to the major issues of interracial marriages but I’d like to lighten the load by addressing a less severe issue. LIKE!!! The cooking conflicts!! Ugh!

West Indians (even African American) people are known for their over-the-top, spicy, tasty, and definitely not healthy cooking. But its always flavorful and its always fried and its always Mmm Mmm GOOD!!!

For example:
Ox tails (don’t worry its not really an Ox’s tail) is a major dish in the west Indian culture. It’s an expensive meat and a very delicious meat. Its typically cooked in a stew with Okra or white beans. Its the dish at any family gathering only the best cook volunteers to make.

My mother in law tells me that Italians cook Ox Tails too, but they put it in Pasta Sauce.
“Blasphemy!” “Abomination!” I shouted as my taste buds shook their heads in disbelief.
I almost cried for the poor meat when it was plopped it into the vat of endless red goo

I like Italian food, but in comparison to West Indian food its just…. ((yawns)) I could go a year and not realize I hadn’t had a slice of pizza or pasta. It was a major issues of me as a Kid cuz I just couldn’t relate to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles whom I loved. lol

Missing West Indian cooking was the only reason I hemmed and hawed about marrying outside of my ethnicity. (And it was a lot of hemming and a lot of hawing. lol)

My marriage is classified in the US as an interracial marriage as I am Hispanic with middle eastern ancestry and my husband is white-irish american. However, I don’t really look Hispanic so is not until I open my mouth and people hear my accent that they realize we have different cultures. I agree that interracial couples do face different challenges, I may have not had to deal with it at a high level as others but we did have to deal with the cultural differences, different accents, people asking my husband why he was with a Hispanic woman etc. However at a family level neither one of us has had any family difficulties which has made it easier but again, there are always the cultural differences that we both have to accommodate.

I also have two uncles married with Asian women (and four very Asian looking cousins) and a very good African descendant friend of mine married to a dutch guy (with twobeautiful interracial girls).

^^ THIS :thumbsup::thumbsup:

My wife is Asian (Filipina) and I’m a white American. So I’m “masuwerte”, which means “lucky” in Pilipino. :slight_smile:

When my mom, an American of Irish ancestry, married my Dad, an Englishman, her aunt said “How dare you marry out of your race!” My mom said she didn’t know if her aunt was thinking Irish versus English or American versus English, as if it were a race. The joke about cultures and races is that we are all inter-racial (has anyone had those ancestry blood tests?).

But what impressed me about my parents’ marriage was their common Catholic background that enabled much of the decisions to be mutual about children, church, life.

I find it beautiful how two people from two different parts of the world (or with ancestry from two different places), who look very different yet share a common Catholic faith can find more common ground than two people of the same country and color who do not share the same faith. If the people around them are not color blind, they might be mystified as to why things are difficult or not working out (“They look so good together, those two blondes; why cant they get along?”)

Catholic culture has its varieties but the important tenets remain the same, no matter the “race”. Kids will learn this as they watch their parents love each other, honor the faith and its traditions, and show their children God’s love which is color-blind. The rest of imperfect humanity will have to grow up and figure it out in their monochromatic illusion.

Ultimately we are all God’s creations and true love conquers all.

One of the best surprises I ever had was innocently going to see that movie ‘Chef’. I was in catering as a trade so I’ll go to any movie about food. Well, my gosh! My mouth was watering through the whole movie! It was such a gem.

My husband is Italian Australian and grew up on pasta and red goo :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll only do pasta for special occasions generally. Meat and three veg. are our staples generally at home but we love eating out for our cultural fixes.

I am white and married a woman who lived in the Philippines. My mother was upset I was marrying her, but then came to accept her well.
We didn’t have any other problems with others over this difference over our races, and if there were I think my wife would have taken it hard.
The notable difference really are cultural, but I am very flexible so I had no problems with them. In fact, my wife was home sick and I moved to the Philippines with her five years ago, where I am quite happy.

Great to hear so many positive stories! The blessings of God fall on all of those that believe in Him! After reading all these stories, I do wish my husband could cook better!!! I M so happy that my husband has taken this journey with me spiritually, although some things are coming easier to him than to me, and some harder. Please keep us in your prayers.

Wonderful comment and very good point :thumbsup:

My father was white caucasion and my mother was of spanish descent it was not a big deal

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