Any Jews on the forums?

Good morning! Curious how many of you may be out there and what brings you to the forums. Catholic/Jewish relations is of interest to me and I have a love for the Jewish people whom I (as a Christian) consider sort of my ‘kin’. I consider a great tragedy the rising anti-Semitism of our times and lament the persecution of Jews throughout history by Christians and others.



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Your post was fine until the last part about Christian persecution of Jews throughout the years.

But anyway to answer your question, we do indeed.

Not long ago I actually started a thread asking non-Catholics why they decided to join the forum, entitled ‘Non-Catholics, why did you join the forums’? You could look that up.

I believe some of our Jewish users replied in there.

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Thanks, Polak. I didn’t mean to sound as though Christians have generally been a bunch of anti-Semites. But that some Christians have done such things in our history is factual. Pope St. JPII tried earnestly to make amends.


Hello! Ex Orthodox Jew here…still culturally Jewish somewhat as my family is still all Jewish!


Hi PattyIt, nice to know you! Out of curiosity, do you know many Catholics? Depends where you live, I suppose…

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Other Popes have tried too.

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I have Jewish Heritage via my maternal grandfather, shalom, y’all!


I am Jewish (Reform) with Orthodox and Conservative roots. I teach at a Catholic university and have a good friend who is Catholic. I was always interested in different religions, and just came by CAF on the Internet and decided to give it a try. That was about 10+ years ago. Made some good (virtual) friends here, and learned a lot about Catholicism and other things. Had some stimulating discussions and debates as well.


Good to know you, meltzerboy2. I happen to have a late uncle who was Jewish and taught at a Catholic college…


My best friend growing up in Florida was Catholic…we were kind of the odd religions out back then…even more so for her as she was also black (I’m white). She and I would go to each other’s services…mine all in Hebrew, hers all in Latin! This was before V2.

I do have some friends that are various levels of Catholic, from never going to Mass to always going to Mass so I’ve basically been somewhat exposed to Catholicism my whole life. I’m now in Colorado where Catholicism isn’t dominate but it’s not invisible either. My city has three churches, one is all Spanish.


After all these years of reading your posts, I never knew this! :slight_smile:


May I ask out of curiosity if it is a Catholic university with a strong Catholic ethos that is a major part of how the place is run, or officially a ‘Catholic’ university but not really, if you know what I mean?

I was just about to reply with the same thing! Have I missed something @meltzerboy2, or have you only just decided to mention it?

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I echo Polak’s question.

There are a few active on the forums.

Yes. The Jews persecuted the Christians also.

I expect I’ve been here longest (having arrived in 2006) - I’m here because it was “your turn,” I’d been discussing religion online for over a decade but mainly with Protestants - meanwhile my German-speaking and Italian-speaking ancestors had lived in a sea of Catholics.

I don’t spend much time on CAF, partly because I’ve been here a long time and have heard it all before :slightly_smiling_face: and, not being American, I have next to no interest in US politics/events.


Hopefully @meltzerboy2 will find time to respond.

One of my Byzantine Catholic cousins married a Jewish man. According to the highest rabbinical authority in Jerusalem (it’s a group of ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox rabbis), her children are not Jewish since she is not Jewish. They’re goyim.

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