Any JS Bach fans?

I’m partial to PDQ myself but you can get the “real” Bach’s organ works here, for free:


He’s the Lutheran Palestrina!

Got any Palestrina? :slight_smile:

Google rules!

Score! :smiley:

fan? nope.

I LOVE toccata and fugue. It’s so deep and breathtaking, I seriously love that piece. I get too emotional (happy) by just talking about it.

I like pretty much all Bach, from cantatas to concertos to suites to oratorios to solo keyboard music to organ to his Mass in B Minor.

I definitely recommend Mass in B Minor to any Catholic Bach fan.

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote that and not his son, the Catholic Bach – Johann Christian Bach.:wink:

I am a big fan of Bach’s unaccompanied Cello Suites.

Edgar Myer plays them on the double bass, and I love it. There are some samples here

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