Any knitting guru's out there?


I have a pattern I need help on.


I want to knit a poncho to wear while wearing my son.

Something like this;

But this has a “pouch” to put the baby in. I don’t particularly care about that all that much since my son is so long he likely either doesn’t fit in it currently or soon would be unable to.

I want to adapt this pattern;

I like the turtleneck collar.


I crochet, but, it looks to me like that “pouch” woud have to have something else - straps or other kind of baby carrier. The knitted fabric alone would not hold a baby like that…

Could not make the link work (registration required…) -

Seems you would just work in a slit to go over baby’s head, hold babe and measure where it should go and then work the slit in :slight_smile:


I would wear that over my son in an ergo carrier or wrap/tie style sling. I probaly should have mentioned that:rolleyes:


I found a knitting forum




I think you can just work the equivalent of a really big buttonhole into the poncho.
As long as it is big enough for baby to fit through comfortably, that would work fine…
That’s a really neat idea!! I like the pictures; they look nice & cozy for:) both of you!!


Thank you so much!

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