Any ladies ever had an anovulatory cycle?

I have been recently charting my cycles so I can have NFP down when I get married (one of these days). Since mid-November my temps have been low and I’ve had very little cervical fluid. Today I noticed that I am going to start my period tomorrow. I figured it was an anovulatory cycle (due to no temp shifts and scant fluid), but I am afraid something might be wrong with me. :frowning: It would really help to know if this is not all too uncommon. Help me!

Anovulatory cycles happen. Be extra careful! I never had regular periods and tended to have extra long cycles and periods. Perhaps stress is a part of it? There is so much more information available now, surely someone has an answer.

They are rather common. Especially in teenage girls, women going into perimenopause and those who have PCOS (a metabolic condition thats not that uncommon). Also weight loss, stress and illness can throw cycles off.

I’d also like to add that certain medications can cause your cycle to be off. I noticed it a few times when my medications were changed or stopped.

When DH and I were in doubt when I was charting, we contacted our NFP instructor and she got us through the “confusing cycles” so we’d know how to handle it the nex time that it happened.


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