Any ladies have periods while pregnant?


Let me rephrase.

To any a ladies on this forum that have been pregnant:

Did you ever experience period-like bleeding during a part or whole of your pregnancy?

(Yes I know a woman cannot technically have a period while pregnant, by definition of what a period is. I’m referring to bleeding that can be easily mistaken as a period due to it’s timing and/or quantity.)

My question is motivated by having read different pregnancy/mom forums such as this one:

With my oldest I had my period for 4 months after I got pregnant. I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until I was 4 months, because I’d been having my period but when I started to have other pregnancy ‘symptoms’ I went to the dr & found out I was pregnant


If you’re having bleeding during pregnancy, you must call your doctor right away.
In many cases, it’s nothing serious.
But it could be serious, for you and the wee one, so please call.
And here’s :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: for a sticky bean for you!!!


I’m flagging this as asking for medical advice, but I want to respond.

There are rare cases where funky things happen.

Also, MANY women are on ABC from the time that they have thier first period and think that the pill bleeding cycle is a “period”. So when they get pregnant and have even light bleeding they think it’s the same thing.

That said, this thread needs to be closed. Bleeding during pregnancy is an emergency medical situation and should not be discussed in lay circles becuse false information is too high.


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