Any "long distance" Benedictine Oblates out there


I am hoping that there are some Benedictine Oblates here that are doing their oblature “at a distance”. If so, can you tell me which monasteries you are attached to?

I know that some of the Benedictines do accept oblates that are not able to go to meetings in person and I am very interested in finding out how that works. And which Benedictines allow it. Since each monastery is independent I’m having trouble finding out which ones have “distance” oblates and which don’t.

Due to a lot of factors I’m not able to travel any great distance to a Benedictine Monastery to become an oblate. More than an hour, or so, would be a problem and there just isn’t any suitable monastery within that distance.

I know that the Benedictine sisters of Yankton have an online group and I’ve heard that St Vincent’s Archabbey also has a distance program. Are any of you involved with either of these? Or with other Benedictines?

Thanks so much for your help, I am so glad I found this forum.


I'm not sure about this but I am interested to see what other people respond since I am interested in this as well.




St Vincent Archabbey in PA.



Here ya go:



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