Any Lynyrd Skynyrd fans here?

Are there any Lynyrd Skynyrd fans here? Whats your favorite song by them? Free Bird and Simple Man are my favorites:thumbsup:


My favorite is Tuesday’s Gone. If I ever get a little girl, I may name her Tuesday. :rolleyes:

Being from Jacksonville & publicly admitting that you did NOT like Skynyrd could get you run out of town:D :wink: . Seriously though, I am a fan & my favorite song is Simple Man. Actually, my SIL’s Uncle was sound man for them & survived the plane crash in 1977. He went on to become a successful record producer for Journey, Michael Jackson, Mr. Big & others.

You betcha! Having grown up in Tennesse and currently living in Alabama I definately am a Skynyrd fan.

Favorite song will always be Sweet Home Alabama.

I lived in Orange Park/Jacksonville Florida for a few years and it was great for a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. I got to visit the grave sites of those that died (obviously for the ones that died, slaps forehead, duh!), and there was a neat restaurant down at the beaches, started by Ronnie Van Zant’s wife I think, that had a bunch of memorabilia. There was also a park, named after Ronnie I think, and I went there either for the opening or some celebration. It’s been a few years since I lived there, and my memory isn’t the greatest–that’s why I have to keep saying “I think!”

I love em, Freebird was my favorite. My son got married last year , the song I chose for he and I to dance to at the reception when Dad&Bride, Groom&Mom, etc. start off the dancing was Simple Man. I thought it would be just right, it was too emotional for me though because I almost cried through the whole dance.

:wave: Hi Sharon! I live in O.P.! Yes, Judy Van Zant’s place is called Free Bird Cafe & alot of bands play there. Also the park named Ronnie Van Zant Park is in Lake Asbury. I live near the Cemetery where some Skynyrd members are buried. Unfortunately, Ronnie’s grave had to be moved a few years ago to another location because of vandalism:( .

I wuz cuttin’ the rug down at a place called The Jug
w/ a girl named Linda Lou
When in walked a man w/ a gun in his had and he was lookin’ for You Know Who
He said Hey there fella w/ your hair colored yella, whatcha tryin’ to prove
Cause that’s my woman there and I’m a man who cares and this might be all for you.

I said excuuuse me!!!


Lucania, I used to live by the cemetery too. (If my memory is correct.) For the life of me I cannot remember the street I lived on. (Wait, I think it was Aurora!) I moved to NAS Jax soon after. It was off of Blanding. Hmmm. My memory is sooooo bad. Do you go to St. Catherine’s church by chance? I used to love eating at La Nopalera restaurant. Is it still there? I see you are a Steelers fan. I now live in Steubenville, OH so I am very close to Pittsburgh. It’s a small world!

Wow, Sharon, it IS a small world! I live on a street off Arora! I’m not a member of St. Catherine’s, but I go there once in a while. I am a member of Immaculate Conception in downtown Jax. Yes, La Nop( as the regulars call it;) ) is still there. We go every once in a while. Great Mexican food & really cheap! Now there are several other locations of La Nop. The latest is in Fleming Island. I don’t know how long it’s been since you were here, but that area is really built up.I became a Steeler fan through my DH. We started dating when we were 16 & he was a big fan. His Dad was from Pa. & in the Navy which brought him to Florida (same as me, my Dad was from upstate N.Y. & joined the Navy). Anyway, be are still die-hard fans & we’ll be celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary in Octber! About every 2 or 3 years we fly to Pittsburgh so see a game & enjoy some beautiful fall weather. I think Steubenville has a Dean Martin festival every year? I’d love to go sometime 'cause I’m a fan of his. So cool that you used to live here! Feel free to p.m. me anytime. God Bless!

I can attest to the fact that they were well loved up here in Pennsylvania! As a garage-band guitarist, I remember trying to play lots of their songs. I remember having trouble with a riff in “I know a Little”. I especially loved "Gimme three Steps"which I think goes back to Hank Williams. They were inspirational!
Their double-live record was the background music of my life in '78…(I think that was the year!)

How about the song “Ballad of Curtis Lowe”. Awesome!

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