Any Men Participate In a Men’s Group

I am not sure if this belongs in “Spirituality” or “Family Life” because it relates to both. I am interested in starting a men’s group at our church where we can discuss men’s issues related to both faith and family. Any men out there who participate in such a group? What type or resources do you use? What do you like/dislike about your group? What other advice would you give?

Nobody??? Should this be in the “Spirituality” area? Might it get more response there?

That Man is You began I believe in the Houston diocese and is growing in Texas and elsewhere, our parish is on its third year, men meet at 7pm Sunday morning before Mass, yup, and it grows bigger all the time. Might be something to investigate and bring to your parish. All the materials for the sessions are provided at nominal cost per participant, and facilitator training. Has really been the answer for our men who participate. I think the website is just the name spelled out .com


Good to hear from you. Check out “The Men of St. Joseph” this group is just men. No Girls Allowed.hehe Actually I think the wives and women were looking for a Spiritual place to send the men.:rolleyes:

This Lay Ministry just really sprang-up in the last couple years, literally and when it gets started in a Parish it kind of mushrooms. Once a week we go to Mass from 6:00-6:30am, actual mens meeting starts at 6:40am, we read from Magnificat & past Sunday’s Mass readings, then discuss. Discussions morph into Family issues, Job issues, Economy, Politics, Family Headship issues, etc. all based around what Our Lord is calling Men & Fathers to do. We started out with 6 guys and now have over 80, not everyone attends every week. We have single guys in their 20’s, guys discerning Religious Vocations and Grandfathers. This is a very, very easy thing to set up and put in the Parish Bulletin.

I think one of the Chapters was on EWTN a few weeks ago discussing the organization and how to get started. Give them a call, it has been a great way to build mens leadership roll as Jesus calls us to do.

Our group and a lot of other groups in the St. Louis diocese use the following 52 week workbook:

Info on small mens groups from St. Louis Archdiocese.

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