Any Metal Gear Solid fans in here?

Any Catholic fans of the Metal Gear series?

I have some nostalgic memories about Metal Gear Solid for the PS1, but I’ve never played any of the others. It was pretty advanced for its time.

My nostalgia for Metal Gear goes back to the NES. :stuck_out_tongue: The last Metal Gear game I played was Snake’s Revenge.

I’ve played them all up through Metal Gear Solid 3 (and also Peace Walker). But I haven’t played Metal Gear Solid 4, mainly due to my lack of a PS3. I could get Metal Gear Solid 5 for my Xbox One but I’m holding out hope that they re-release the fourth one on current-gen consoles at some point. Don’t have as much time for games anymore and will have even less with a baby on the way so I can wait.

I :heart: MGS and Kojima. I’ve played both the original Metal Gears (not Snake’s Revenge, but the real MG2, which is a masterpiece), the first 4 MGSes and most of Peace Walker. I haven’t touched Ground Zeroes or V because I haven’t finished Peace Walker yet, and of course Peace Walker’s story plays an integral role in understanding Ground Zeroes and V (or it at least helps). Due to life circumstances, I haven’t touched Peace Walker in a couple years. But I’ll return someday. Also, I’ve even played Metal Gear Rising, which was pretty entertaining.

Kojima is a genius storyteller and game designer. MGS has that Japanese sense of morality and brotherhood, and sentimentality that you’d find in a Shonen Jump manga, but takes a lot of its motifs from American movies. That’s the reason why the story is better than the actual gameplay, and the gameplay is par excellence. I weep for what his Silent Hill entry could have been.

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