Any Metalheads on here?

Because i think of myself as a metalhead. I listen to Queensryche,Megadeth,Dream Theater,Queensryche,Nightwish,and other bands.

Anyone else who is a metalhead on here?

I grew up on a diet of Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Saxon, Accept, Ingwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Manowar and Tesla just to name a few.

I am a bit more discerning now mind you. If any band, such a Judas Priest, sing **** that leads to a darker place so to speak, then it gets ditched.

This song sounds like a mix between death metal,power metal,and Swedish folk metal.

Sure. Adding to the bands I find similar on your list, In this Moment, Krypteria. Not so similar to your list Meshuggah and Five Finger Death Punch. If any of these intrigue you, or you know some good deth-metal female vocalists let me know.

Yep, I’m one:)
I like Rammstein, Metallica, Gun’s and Roses, Within Temptation, Ted Nugent, Nightwish.

Can’t believe nobody has mentioned Motorhead. Lemmy’s practically older than Mick Jagger and he still rocks.

What happened to my avatar? ???:confused:

Maybe someone thought you were a furry and got offended? Or your hosting service crapped out.

I love most metal that doesn’t have that guttural screaming stuff in it. It just sounds like they are trying to puke on the microphone.

Yeah, I agree. I just cannot get into that. It gives me a migrane.
I’m surprised some of those guys still have voices!


I remember when metal meant stuff like Black Sabbath,Metallica and DIO and not the screamo/death metal stuff that is played at Hot Topic.

I love metal, but I’m going to have to cull what I have on my iPhone as some of the lyrics are anti-religious. :frowning:

Well i’m a furry,i have a furaffinity account.:mad:

Why are you angry in this statement? Did you check your hosting service?

Hosting service?:confused:

Was your avatar pointed to (hosted on) by a website? If so, what is the status of that website and picture?

It wasn’t,it was in the avatar field,before they changed the requirements for avatars to be accounts that are 500 posts.

That sucks. Here’s a metal song (one of my favs) to contribute to the thread

Here’s a metal song as well.

By Def Leppard.

Because it seems you’re in denial about me being a furry.

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