Any miracles from St. Rita's intercession?


I just saw the movie by Ignatius Press on St. Rita. She sounds great and all the miracles. I was wondering if any of you have a great devotion to her and if you have had miracles from her intercessory prayers?


She was a very popular saint in my childhood, and a great many of my mom’s friends had a devotion to her, I believe because she is a great intercessor in affairs dealing with childbirth, child-rearing and any issues related to one’s children.


I have been trying to start a novena to her but it is said every Thursday…I seem to see Thursdays go by and I forget!:o


Sorry I don’t know of any specific miracles, but my parish is St. Rita’s! :slight_smile:


I read a biography of her, and it really helped me. Now I pray to her a lot, especially when I’m asking for prayers of the women in my family who are mothers. Sometimes I think of her and St. Jude as “catch-all” saints, since they’re patrons of impossible cases. I ask them for help, when I’m really worried or anxious about something, and I can’t really put my prayers into words.


I think St. Rita interceded on my behalf, and I give her great credit for keeping my marriage intact.


Thanks to all who responded. I have a book on her life by Tan Publishing and will read it. I have heard she had helped trouble marriages or any marriage. I just wondered if anyone asked for something that was absolutely impossible and after asking for her prayers obtained it.

Thanks again.:thumbsup:


A couple of months ago, a friend emailed me a short biography of Saint Rita:

May 22–Rita of Cascia(1381-1457) Secular and sacred

Rita’s parents, following the social custom of Italy in the fourteenth century, selected a man for her to marry. The husband they chose turned out to be brutally violent. Rita endured the misery of eighteen years of unhappy marriage with a man who was unfaithful to her, and she mothered 2 sons. Her husband’s wild life away from home resulted in his murder.

About 1407, Rita became an Agustiniain nun at St. Maria Maddelena at Cascia. An ulcer that appeared in her forehead at Cascia symbolized a mark from the crown of thorns and was attributed to her intense meditation on the Passion of Christ. The open wound did not heal, and her mystical experiences continued for 15 years. During this time, Rita worked quietly, caring for sick nuns. She died of tuberculosis.



my mommy is named after saint rita because she was miracle baby…


St. Rita and St. Jude are the two Saints that I pray daily to them for their intercession. I got a great job for my loved one praying to them, and my job goes smoothly from day one. The best thing is that I work very close to a church where I can go to mass daily.

Praise the Lord!


You might wawnt to visit the website for the
Philadelphia Shrine to St. Rita.

They have some good information.

They send out Newsletters with more information too.

One newsletter including a refutation of the common (mis)conception that her husband was a violent and brutal man.

They state that there was a misreading of on old document that lead to the mistaken belief that she was abused by her husband.

My wife and I hope to visit this shrine on the Feast day May 22, some time.



Thanks again. I will look up the websites.


In Belgium St Rita is known as the “Saint for difficult cases” so there is a great devotion for her. 25 years ago my wife, who was converted and still was single at that time, has prayed a lot for the intercession of St Rita to find a catholic husband. My own mother prayed daily to St Rita, specially for me to find a good catholic girl. We met each other and are now married for 23 years and have a very happy marriage. Thanks to St Rita!!!



Thank you so much for that witness of what St. Rita did for you and your wife. I really appreciate it. I am going to ask her for something that is so difficult and seems impossible to ever change. I know that nothing is impossible with God and that is why I ask, but what I ask for would take a miracle. I will have faith and trust that what I ask for will happen if it is in the best interest of all involved.

Thanks again.:slight_smile: By the way, welcome to the forum.


Rita is my sister’s name, and Saint Rita has been a part of my life for a long time. Years ago, a friend went to Spain and saw a small statue of St. Rita, and ‘heard’ a voice telling her to get it for me. She had no idea who it was, but bought it. Being familiar with St. Rita’s story, I recognized her immediately by the stigmata mark on her forehead.

She is the patron saint of marriage (with St. Monica, I believe) and of impossible cases (along with St. Jude).

Hmm… can I claim great miracles? Not sure. We have had serious issues for years, and more recently, I found out there were also questionable ‘friendships’ all that time.

So on the surface, it doesn’t really seem like it to me. I think a lot about how long St. Monica prayed. And, come to think of it, we are coming up to our 18 year anniversary, same as the length of St. Rita’s marriage. :ehh:

But in the past year and months, my husband has made many changes. I struggle with discounting some of them-- like he’s no longer running me down to myself and others, which he shouldn’t have been doing to begin with. And yet… he DID make the change. He started coming to church again. He ended his frienships with these women. After years of telling me everything is my fault, he did say last week that over the past couple years, he ‘realized he needed to be a nicer person.’ He went to a men’s spiritual retreat!!! :eek: And he decided he’d read a book or two about what women need and feel about things. All things I thought I’d never see.

And there sits St. Rita on our shelf all these years.

So maybe it’s a miracle in progress? :gopray2:


Yes, about five years ago I prayed for St. Rita’s intercession for my desire to have another baby. At the time, my dh and I had become devout practicing Catholics, but before that he had a vasectomy.

After that we adopted two boys, one at age 3 and one at 7mos. I thought that was my answer and it was such a blessing. But then about a year after our last adoption, my dh decided to have a reversal (something we had talked about before and he had never felt led to do) and we got pg within two months. It is a miracle for so many reasons, his change of heart, for one, and also the fact that it was 9 years since the original surgery so our odds weren’t that great in the first place. Even the fact that it happened so quickly is unusual.

St. Rita’s intercession was amazing in my life.


i remember your posts from before and i am truly happy for you that your husband has made a turnaround for the better…

i am truly in awe of the love and perseverance that you have shown towards this marriage…

God bless you!!!


Here’s a little miracle:

I was in my freshman year of high school, writing for the teen section of the local newspaper. My editor told me that he was nominating me for a national award, which would include an all-expense paid trip to a conference. But, he told me, it would be nearly impossible for me to win, for a number of reasons.

I had just seen “The Rookie” so I knew that St. Rita was the patron saint of the impossible. The next week, I bought a cheap St. Rita medal and prayer card and started a novena, praying that prayer three times a day.

To my editor’s surprise, I won.

Oh, and the conference? It was held in Santa Fe, NM–and Santa Fe is Spanish for “Holy Faith.” :slight_smile:

St. Rita is my favorite.


St Rita healed a family friend of a great physical affliction. In gratitude I made a page on my website to thank her.
Mary Ann

The page is at:

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