Any Moms in Western 'Burbs of Chicago?


Hi Everyone,

This is my very first post, in fact I just joined about 1 minute ago. I have two babies under two years old and I am feeling very overwhelmed and lonely. My husband works very long hours and so I miss him very much. We live in the far western suburbs of Chicago (as of September) and I do not know anyone. I have tried to make friends but it is virtually impossible because I literally don’t get out of the house except for mass once a week. My 4 week old nurses every hour, it is a very cold winter, and I don’t know where to go anyway so I just stay put.

If any moms live near me I would love to chat to see how you do it.
Please pray for me – I am being very crabby and feeling hopeless.

Thanks and God Bless.


Have you tried finding friends at church? A moms group? A playgroup?

Maybe come spring, you can look into it.

Good luck :slight_smile: .


Hi:wave: and welcome to CAF, you’ll love it here!!! I live in Elmhurst, it’s not the far western burbs though. I’m not sure what you had in mind, but I will not be on CAF during lent…giving it up:o. If you’d like to contact me you can e-mail me, just go to my profile page, otherwise the people here will take very good care of you:thumbsup:, they are some of the most wonderful people I know:D.


Well, welcome aboard. As Lexee explained to you, some of us are hopping off for 40 days. I am not one of them, but I hope to make you welcome.

I am a retread parent in the western burbs, so I am not the type of person you’d want to hang with all day (Think about it? Would you want to hang with your mom all day? No). HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean we can’t find you a good parish, or what passes for one.

Right now, you need to take yourself to Menard’s if you haven’t already and look into at least a snow shovel…

…And it just occured to me!!!



:wave: In a few months I should be moving to Cortland. As others have said, welcome. I only have one dd, but I work in daycare so I know what it’s like to watch many more under two during the daytime.


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