Any Muslim CAFers around?

I’ve decided to press my luck and drive forward with my quasi-anthropological survey.

Are there any long time CAFers on the Non-Catholic religions board who are Muslim?

Are you a generational Muslim or a convert? Living in “The West” (North America or Europe)? Middle East? Asia?

What particular branch of Islam do you belong to (Sunni? (Salafists?) Shi’ite? Sufi(although not really a branch per say)?)? -> Any particular detail you could give regarding the mode in which you practice would be helpful - including denominatonal status, localized cultural practice, or even the school of jurisprudence that you follow provided that such things matter in the manner of your practice.

And why did you come to CAF?

I once again invite the Moderators to regulate this thread to the utmost, or ban/close/delete it if it strays way too far from the stated objectives.

Thank you.

99 views and not a single response.

Although that does beg the question - for the occasional “trial membership” folk who have the muslim sticker on their religious affiliation… are they simply fly-by-night participants or a manifestation of that most diabolical of internet phenomena…the Troll. :wink:

However not unexpected given the parallel on the other forums (where Christianity is sometimes represented by a whole 2 members).

I’ve worked closely with several muslim believers over the course of a few decades. I realize this is not what you are asing for in your OP, but I do think there could be a real problem for some who post here to stand up and be counted that would meet your criteria.

Why is there something special about muslim believers as opposed to any other type?

As i explained on a previous thread - due to the “hiccup” occurring in the Middle East because of a certain video tape, the Pro/Anti Muslim flame wars have predictably turned on again across the internet.

Which got me thinking…the err… participants who seem quite eager to slander the opposing party (although the opposing part seems to shift depending on who is doing the talking)… how much do they know about Islam, (or Christianity for that matter).

The folks who are the first to scream the loudest seems to have had no contact whatsoever with an actual living breathing example of the “other team” if you will.

Not unexpected…yet a mite depressing.

So…i wanted to see if there were any Muslims on CAF. After all, the occasional “WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US” thread appears, and I’m curious to see if there is a devout follower of Islam on this forum who is responding - much the same way there is for instance a respectable Jewish contingent on CAF.

Edit - And if you wondering about the methodology employed Strawberry, allow me to say I am a rather rigid Empiricist.

Carry on my friend.

When you find out about Jews blowing up our buildings because they don’t like how their G-d is being depicted as a young jewish man who dies a brutal death on a cross let me know.
Not sure I ever heard of a case like that, but I am not watching the news that much.
Maybe they do this all the time and I missed it.

Oh i think the Descendants of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob got that out of their system quite early on in comparison to many other world religions.

Makes me wonder if its ultimately a matter of age and time…

But i am detracting from my own thread… And so i’ll wait for a biter on the end of this line. :wink:

So many religions prior to these folks. Only evidence we have that any descendants of Abraham, Issac or Jacob blowing things up when they got upset with us are…

Oh, bother. Still come back with this one type of theist again.

If you do an advanced search of the member list of CAF, you can see who has filled out their Religion as Muslim or Islam

The results will also show you their post count, so you can see how active they have been. Of course, you will need to click on their name and view their profile to see if they are still active.

You might also need to try “Moslem” as a religion type, so there are 3 terms to use - Islam, Muslim, Moslem.

I had a quick look and didn’t go past the first page in any of the listings. They don’t seem to be very active on the forum, which is understandable, since I assume they would mainly be interested in defending Islam, and a lot of the other topics wouldn’t mean much to them.

But over the years a few hundred seem to have joined, if only for a limited time in some cases.

Thank you Dale and Bob.

The results are not unexpected. I can count the number of Christians (not Catholics mind you, just Christians as a whole) on one hand in certain places.

Sadly it seems that the practice of “Castigating in Absentia” is the norm wherever one turns.

unfortunately brother ,I was here before and everytimes I post some threads here to discuss ,clarify a view point, but when I write in free speech,recently I write to clarify why do muslims demonstrate like that ? ,I find my threads has been deleted and moreover my account too is banned until I re-register with another username,these forum moderators consider that the Irony of the sanctities of others (by films or cartoons ) is freedom of expression but when I come to defend on ISLAM they tell me by their act :shut up you’re not welcome ,
I can not understand why they Unsung “”"" free speech""""
“”"""""" free speeeeech""""""""""
“”"" free speech""""
:confused: :confused: :confused:
maybe it is free speech by two balances

you will see after this reply, it will be deleted soon ,just because I show my objection in free speech which is not acceptable in this forum
baaay we’ll meet with another username :wave:

I think that is typical on the web. Its easier to attack “the other side” if their voices are few. Plus there is an element of self-selection. In a hostile environment, moderate voices tend to remain silent and then quietly leave. Moderate visitors decide not to join if they think their opinions will be relentlessly and unfairly attacked.

This is true not only for religion, but politics too.

i have only met like two muslims on here

both are ex- muslim

one of em’ is Amer-was-amazed

and the other other one is married to a muslim and is an ex-muslim woman

other than that i have only seen moslem, muslim, and islam posters less than 17 posts and they generally act like noone there

God Bless

edit: i just found a post by a guy/gal named americanrevert
he/she claims to be muslim and his/her posts are quite intrigueing

Dang 12 responses (13 now I guess :blush:) and no muslims. I read the post count and thought I was going to learn something!

ye most of em except for one i know have less than 300 posts most less than 80

God Bless

Asalaamu 'aleikum!

I’ll answer your questions as best I can.

I come from a non-Muslim and non-religious family, who for the most part don’t practice any sort of faith at all. I am British and live in the North East of England.

I attend a Sunni mosque which follows a Salafist scholarly schooling. I personally tend towards Wahabbi teaching, more and more as time goes by. I also wear the niqab which is uncommon in this area.
The mosque itself is part of and freely interacts with other mosques in my local area, including various dawah and community projects. It is decently large and has a good mix of ages, religious backgrounds (converts as opposed to born Muslims, as well as some who were born Muslim, didn’t practice the faith initially and then chose to do so), ethnic backgrounds (although it is a small majority Pakistani) and has both brothers and sisters attending.

Possibly the one thing that frustrates me is that there is an emphasis on Urdu language activities, which is a language I don’t speak apart from a few words.



Nice to meet you
I’m John

And I’m me

God bless

I recall one Muslim member, with the username of meedo, has well over 1000 posts. He hasn’t been very active this year, but popped in a week or two ago for a few posts. Here is his last post

Thank you for your contribution Kouyate.

CAF, Muslim Population: 1. :wink:

I recall one Muslim member, with the username of meedo, has well over 1000 posts

That name does indeed sound quite familiar…

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