Any Muslim converts to Catholicism on here?

Hi everyone. Are there any Muslim converts to Catholicism on here? I am looking for someone who knows a lot about the Islamic religion who I can IM with as I have been tempted to join Islam lately.

Just curious, why have you been tempted to join Islam?

Sam and morningstar come to mind.

morningstar maybe, but Sam’s grasp on Christianity is about as weak as his grasp on Islam.

eichenb2 was also Muslim and is currently discerning Catholicism. :slight_smile:

A note for the OP:

Guidance comes from God. Not from men.

Pray for it.

Algebra was also a Muslim I believe.

Because of the so called scientific miracles in the Quran and also because of the strict monotheism of Islam. I am also attracted to their different way of life.

Precisely which alleged scientific miracles that are described in the Quran do you find persuasive? I’m asking because I believe that most, if not all, of the alleged scientific miracles in the Quran have be debunked. If you describe the ones you find convincing, I could probably find you some good sources that debunk them.


Holly, please correct me if I am wrong, but if I recall, you are a convert to Catholicism, and were also involved in both the Mormon church and a pagan/occult religion? I also recall that you tend to experience a lot of anxiety about religious matters? If these things are accurate, may I gently suggest that it might be a good idea to stay where you are and try to figure out that before deciding to make another change?

I may be slightly outside of orthodox pure Catholic doctrine in this belief, but I do believe that the truly important thing about a spiritual/religous practice is the inner motives of the individual, and their connection to all that is good and God. Or in other words, while the whole plant is important, the roots are the most important. If the roots are deep and sincerely seeking light, then truth will come to you without the need to constantly change belief systems.

Have you read any proven and unexplained miracles in the Church? There are hundreds of miracles recorded in the Catholic Church.
What different life?

Yes, I have read of a number of proven and unexplained miracles in the Catholic Church.

As far as the different life goes, what I mean is they pray 5 times a day and the women wear hijab (head covering). Also, any Muslim who is able goes to Mecca at least once in their life.

Holly, while I have to admit that some muslims show an impressive devotion to Allah, is that a mark of Truth? Is whether a religion true or not dependent on the rules it requires, or even the devotion of some of its followers? Or is Truth established by other things? For instance, If I set up an oblisk in my yard, declare it is holy, and that everyone of my followers must pray to it six times a day, and make a pilgramage twice a year, does that make my religion more true than Islam? Or do I need something more? I would respectfully suggest that you are using the wrong metics to evaluate religion. Your answer also indicates a dissatisfaction with Christianity. If true, what is it about Christianity that is bothering you?

Umm…you don’t really need to leave Christianity to live that sort of life. Learn to pray the hours and you’ll end up praying more often than the Islamically required prayers, wear a headcovering to services (Orthodox Christian women as well as some older and traditionalist Catholic women do it - I think it’s fantastic!), and go on pilgrimage somewhere if you are able to. If you are drawn east, you could visit, in addition to the Holy Land, the various shrines and holy places connected to the Maronite faith in Lebanon, some of the old Christian cities in Syria and Jordan, the Christian villages in upper Egypt, the rock churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia (or even Axum itself, just don’t expect to see the Ark!), or any number of other places. We do not have just one ‘Mecca’, but the entire world which is Our Lord’s province!

Could you list some of these ‘different way of life’?

Could you explain why do you find these attractive.


I’m not Moslem, but I have studied Islam for many years. I speak Arabic and Islam is my passion.

If you have questions, ask me. I would be more than happy to direct you to the orthodox sources of Islamic theology, history, and thought over the centuries written by Moslems themselves.

I’ve only posted about Islam, so you can read my postings for a feel for my writings.

Yours in Christ,



The “scientific miracles” of the Koran you are referring to originally came from a book entitled “The Bible, the Quran, and Science,” published by Maurice Buicaille around 1979. Buicaille is a nominal, liberal Catholic, and the Book was originally intended to be a criticism of the Bible not for scientific reason, but to prove the “friviolousness” of the Bible and much Christian, and specifically Catholic, doctrine. From what I can remember, he chose Islam because of it’s anti-Christian nature.

What originally was a criticism was taken by Moslems to be a new way of evangelization. Buicaille’s book is still for sale at any reputable Islamic bookseller, and other new books like it have appeared.

My favorite one is the “An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam,” a colorful text published by the Saudi Government. What I find most amusing is that on the back of the book they list several “Islamic groups” you can contact. One of those listed is the “Al Haramayn Foundation,” which was shut down in the USA (I believe- I cannot remember the entire story’s details, so feel free to correct my mistakes) for it’s terrorist connections. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross wrote a book about his involvement with the foundation while he worked for them (Jew turned Moslem then found Jesus).

I understand the interest in the way of life of people living in Moslem nations. However, remember that they are little different from you or I, aside from religion and culture. They still have the same problems, issues, and struggles that are faced in America. The only difference is that for the most part in the Islamic world, these issues are shut up to “save face,” whereas we talk about them and let people know. This creates the image of a perfect facade on the outside, yet it’s no less broken or wounded than in our country.

I don’t really know why I find them to be attractive. I guess it is because it is so much different from the ordinary life.

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