Any news on Father John Corapi's ministry?


It seems there are some big changes on Father John Corapi’s site. I hope he is doing well. These changes may have happened today.

His site:

God bless Father Corapi and may his ministry be blessed. Pray for him.

He did recently change gears when he stopped traveling in order to spend more time producing DVDs and CDs and the like. Maybe all is not going as planned or there’s some new, great idea they are pursuing.

I was looking and perhaps thinking that there was something I missed. It happened very suddenly as I was on his site previously that day and all appeared normal. The price for the “Weekly Wisdom” had recently been lowered by about $1.75 (if I recall) per month and then suddenly that night the site was completely changed to, essentially, what we now see. Initially it had no links to “Weekly Wisdom” then the “Weekly Wisdom” link appeared later. Despite searching all I could really find is just his website and what it communicates. No news.

Maybe this is change for good. Maybe I read too much into it but the tone of the overall message, to me, seems pessimistic. Or, it could simply be that things are growing so fast his site hosting is overloaded and they need a new site host and servers and a revamped web site to more efficiently handle traffic.

Regardless, my prayers for his ministry and may God bless and keep Father Corapi. We need him more than ever.

You are so correct, we DO need him and others like him more than ever!!!

Forgive my ignorance, but what order does he belong to? I saw the letters after his name and wondered…

S. O. L. T. – Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity.

Their website:

I love Fr Corapi

SOLT is a very new order. Before I got married, I corresponded online with a lady who spent a year in their lay program, considering a vocation with their order.

Their Founder, Fr. James Flanagan, is still alive. Fr. Corapi speaks of him often in his talks. Fr. Corapi says that he applied to several different Orders and diocese before SOLT. Fr. Flanagan looked at his resume and said, “Considering who rejected you, you’re perfect for my Order.”

Fr. Corapi is to SOLT what Francis Xavier was to the Jesuits.

Does anyone know what the order was which previously rejected him, and why they turned him down? He has made reference to such a history in his talks.

He was asked to leave a seminary because he dared to complain abut how the blessed sacrament was being handled

I don’t know what order it was

Wow, until you posted this thread, I had no idea that his website is down for now. So often I have gone to his articles on the site map and referred them to others. I hope it will be up and running in March, as good if not better than before.Guess we should send up a prayer.

I’ve been praying. The change was sudden, just a matter of hours. Usually web sites will announce prior to taking them down that maintenece, etc., will be done at whatever time and date. No advisory at all.

I love Fr. Corapi I think he speaks the truth and he is a true apologetic.:thumbsup:

I love Fr. Corapi too!

I saw him twice-in 1998 at a Marian Conference in Rochester, and a weekend conference at Auriesville Shrine. I had a picture taken with him!

Yes-we need him now-more than ever! I love his ‘telling it like it is’!

:smiley: :thumbsup:

I know he’s been in bad health. I hope things havn’t taken a turn for the worse.

Maybe they really are upgrading the site just like it says. :smiley:

I heard from someone who had spoken to Fr Corapi just after the inauguration of Obama January 20th. He was fine then - I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.


That’s good to hear.

That’s good to hear. It could be nothing but simple “growing pains” of an expanding ministry requiring new infrastructure and management reorganization. Maybe the website has been patched time and again to the point that it simply needs a rewrite and redeployment. V2.0 ! Again, maybe I’m reading too much into the the message on the site but it seems to have a sense of urgency. Maybe it’s a reaction to the shift of balance of power in the United States government.

Whatever it is, be it God’s will and God bless Father Corapi and his ministry.

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