Any news on Fr. John Corapi?

praying for him.

I have wondered the same thing. I still pray for him.

Not sure what you know.

His actions resulted in his being removed from active ministry and ordered to live in community in accordance with his vows. He refused, and chose to live outside obedience.He tried to maintain a following but his web page has been removed. He has refused to abide by his vow of poverty and openly maintains millions of dollars. Mr. Corapi is an excellent example of why the RCC requires education of Priests. Mr. Corapi has an STB, which, until recently, was insufficient for ordination. There is no question his conduct, and those who supported him in that conduct, was reprehensible.

i can’t find the link, apologies, but the last I read was an EWTN update in answer to the same question. Their response was that he has evidently chosen to withdraw himself completely from the public eye - based on the disappearance of his Black Sheepdog websites - and that we should continue to pray for him. Which I do.

I’m still praying for him too.

He is persona non grata now. His appearance was rather common; it will be easy for him to be little noticed in the general population. The exposure of frauds is always disappointing for followers. However, all should be careful not to make the logical mistake of assuming that the quality of a product or advice is dependent on the morals of the provider. Fr. Corapi gave excellent talks that are not less because of what seem to be personal failings.

I disagree, it is in those very talks that he betrayed himself as a fraud, and therein is the problem. When the faithful choose to emphasize the form over the substance it is always dangerous and indicates a possible problem.

What was fraudulent about his sermons? I’ve heard him on EWTN and I heard nothing that sounded opposite to Catholic Church teachings.

OK…What you heard. I only listened to him once and everything I heard was couched in such a way as to sound good but ommitted requisite information. I also found his style to be affected, in itself not bad but lacking substance. I heard him speaking about abortion. The conspicuous absence was the Incarnation. I also found his approach misleading, intentionally I thought, regarding the actual purpose of Holy Mother Church. In the words of a fine Moral theologian State the position, don’t dwell on it, never name the sin without dwelling on the Love of God and NEVER single out anyone.

I listened to the majority of his talks. Most all were excellent. His catechetics series put Catholic education on doctrine back on the map in the 90s, along with people like Karl Keating here at Catholic Answers. The truths he presented in an engaging way don’t change because of any sins he may have committed.

Nonsense. The problem with your construct is that it is in error. Yes, there is a long history in the Church of the use of reason, but even Aquinas had insufficient information upon which to base an opinion. Mr. Corapi preyed upon the basic human desire for certainty and proof and omitted the role of the individual. Corapi had an STB, I question his ordination under the promulgations of Lateran. That is the first red flag.

mr. Coropi put great emphasis on appearances and very little on substance. This is almost heretical for even Aquinas. Mr. Coropi failed what we used to call the John the baptist test…If the Lord does not increase while I decrease I may be acting for the enemy.

God is Love, not a code of Statutes.

His name is not MR. Corapi, it is still FR. Corapi whether you like it or not… once a priest always a priest. You are being very disrespectful in that regard.

For someone who’s only heard one sermon you seem to know quite a lot about the state of his spirit…

His teachings were faithful and educational as well as inspiring for many. They revived many in their faith and brought many new converts, we can not deny him that much. He made a huge mistake and many faithful Catholics including me, are hoping and praying that he will come “home” again.

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