Any news on the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture and the new NAB?

I was wonder if anyone had any news concerning the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture and well as the rumoured revised NAB

Will the CCSS be NT only? Any ideas on when it will be completed?

Also, does anyone know if the revised NAB will be out anytime soon? I heard it was going to be released “early 2009” however there is nothing on the USCCB site.


I am not sure about when the revised NAB OT will be completed. From what I have read, the earliest possible date would be early next year.

As for the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, it is a fine commentary series. I own both of the editions that have been released and they provide a wonderful mixture of quality scholarship and theological reflection. I believe that the next edition, Ephesians, will be released at the end of the year. You can read more about it here:

I don’t know about the NAB or whether the CCSS will include the OT, but I read the excerpts from the Commentary on Mark by Mary Healy after seeing this thread and would have to agree that it’s very good. So they have been ordered. It would be nice to see a commentary of this quality promoted through parishes, especially since it’s being released in bits and pieces and using the NAB.

The OP raises a good question. It would also be nice to see more attention paid to the OT, by getting an updated translation out and a good commentary like this.

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